Tuesday, February 10, 2009

There Are Times You Just Have To Laugh. . .

I'm not meaning to be repetitive here, but damn, Larry Brooks has been ON this year in his comments. Another brilliant line (or more specifically three) from today's NY Post:

"Scott Gomez has lost his game. Chris Drury can't find his. Wade Redden hasn't had one for a couple of years, so you'd need a search party led by bloodhounds to even have the most remote chance of finding a scent, if not a heartbeat."

HAHA. Come on, Rangers fans. You have to laugh at this point. You really do. To do anything else would be insanity. This team right now, they aren't worth the tears or the high blood pressure. So breathe, relax, and read the above again.

And hope against hope that they lose again on Wednesday (which is very probable against a great Washington team) and again on Friday (which is again very probable against a Florida team the Rangers have not played well against as of late) and that by Sunday's afternoon tilt versus the Flyers that this is not the team we see on ice.

If that doesn't work, well, at least the Rangers are an entity that will continue on. They will exist five years from now, ten, fifty, unless situations beyond that can be comprehended come to pass. They are an original team here for the long haul. There will be better days. We have to hope that.

Come on now, seven years out of the playoffs, three back in. We wouldn't want to get greedy now would we?


"A search party led by bloodhounds."

Haha. You really just have to laugh folks, unless you seriously prefer crying over this.

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Kerri said...

I try to laugh, but nothing comes out.


I know this is a couple days late, but I wanted to make sure you saw this...http://rangerpundit.blogspot.com/2009/01/scratching-out-win.html

We've been quoted :-D.