Friday, February 27, 2009

Gomez, Gloves, Hats, and Where Are They Now. . .?

Help Me, Help You. . .

I just - literally just - stumbled into the living room where the PIX 11 News at 10 was finishing up to see a segment involving our New York Rangers.

A local hockey fan sent his gloves out for repair to an outfit in California. Months pass, he still hasn't gotten his gloves.

Help Me Howard, a segment on the PIX News, tries to fix the situation. Obviously, he says, he's not going to Cali to get this guy his gloves back, if that's even possible.

Next best thing? A morning in Tarrytown watching the Rangers practice. Howard says something along the lines of how interesting it is to be watching the team work on "fundamental" stuff. I laugh to myself, as I know from my blog reading today that the Rangers envisioned themselves "as the puck" and tried repeatedly to "learn" once again how to score. That must have been the most interesting practice to see all year, no?

Enter Scott Gomez, to give said guy a pair of hockey gloves, that the pros use.

Hand shake. Awe. Thanks. [Voros walks by looking very confused, for the record.]

Then - and you knew this was coming didn't you? - Gomez takes the microphone and tells everyone to watch the Rangers game on PIX 11 tomorrow evening as they face Colorado.

All kinda convenient, no? Eh. I'll let it be. It was cute enough. Heck, maybe more people will tune in that never would have. Maybe the Rangers will even score more than two goals.

To borrow another classic Angels in the Outfield quote, "Hey, it could happen."

Around the League:

**I listened to a bit of Montreal/Philly tonight. Philly went up 2-0 in the first but before the period was over, Montreal was up 3-2. It went to OT and in the end, it was some nice puck movement on the powerplay by Kovalev to set up Schneider for the game winner.

**In the Chicago/Pitt game, Hawks goalie Cristobal Huet was taken out of the game and the Penguins are trying their luck shooting at a young rookie, Antti Niemi.

Captain Jonathan Toews has gotten his first career hat trick. Goals 23, 24, and 25 on the campgain. All on the Powerplay, folks.(If that's not a hat trick with a cherry on top, I don't know what is!)

Damn can the Rangers borrow him for like a day? Please!

Oh, on update, looks like Malkin scores the GWG in overtime on the young goalie. C'est la vie, Toews. [Just ask Steven Stamkos about wasted Hat Tricks.] Kudos anyway Toews! Hightly impressive season for the captain.

**And speaking of the young Lightning rookie, Stamkos now has six goals in his last eight games, which includes a nifty one tonight, where he made a nice spin pass behind him, there's action at the net with St. Louis, and Stamkos is able to pot in the rebound. Glad to see he's picked up his game after a slow start. Caught his mid-period interview too. Still so poised, you forget he's so very young.

By the way, apparently Florida the state and Tampa Bay the team are very anti-tobacco. I saw no less than three commercials with players and coaches urging people to pledge and help make Florida tobacco free. Good cause to get involved in; great to see the athletes doing their part in local PSAs. To find out more, click here.

Apparently, game is now over. Tampa Bay still cannot get a win in British Columbia.

**Meanwhile, earlier today a mini uproar in Montreal that Steve Begin was traded away from the Habs to the Stars for Janik. PJ Stock tells all listening that it's not the 1920s. The Canadiens do not have to have every French-Canadian player play for their team. But we all know Canadiens fans are fanatical, and goodness love them for that.

I guess it stings too that another French-Canadian player Mathieu Dandenault has asked out of Montreal as well.

Hey, at least they won the game, right?

**Lastly, just how good is Mike Cammalleri? Two more goals tonight to bring his season total to 32. I knew he was good, but damn, this guy's value is just going to be through the roof if he keeps it up. Also, he's helping his team put steady distance between the Flames and the rest of the Northwest Division. Again, always a tough battle in the West; the more points they can get, the better.

In other Calgary news, captain Jarome Iginla still remains 1 point behind Theo Fleury's all-time Flames points record, with 829. If not next game, the game after, and he'll have the record. Amazing stuff.

Where Are They Now. . .?

Team Player Action Note
Montreal Alex Kovalev G(15), 2A *see what a few days off will do to one's psyche.
Montreal Mathieu Schneider G(7), 1A *fitting in well back in MTL; OT GWG
Calgary Jamie Lundmark G(1)
Minnesota Dan Fritsche A
Pittsburgh Pascal Dupuis A

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