Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Around the League: More From Montreal, Snaps for Stamkos, and A Promise of Interesting at MSG . . .

Can I Get Bread With That?:

Speculation out of Montreal (courtesy Team990) includes a theory that Alex Kovalev has been traded to Pittsburgh, but that Gainey will not let Kovalev go until after the two teams play tomorrow. Any truth to it? We'll have to wait til Friday to see, I guess. It's just a little more than mildly interesting the way everything has played out there in this the Habs 100th season, no?

If you can care less about the Canadiens but still want to know what's up in Montreal. I found out today you can go to Bocci Resto Cafe for the Max Pat sandwich. Named for Habs young-un Max Patioretty, it has sausage, steak, pepperoni, mushrooms and peppers - all for your enjoyment.

Only in Montreal. I mean seriously, where can I get my PowerPlay Unit sub here in New York? The one named for the Rangers now infamous super unit. You know the one with stale bread, moldy eggs, sardines, mayonaise, and chocolate sause? Because just like the powerplayers in New York - those random spare parts go together all so well!

(Giving everyone a two second break to try not throw up).

Stamkos Likes Vanilla Ice Cream:

Young Steven Stamkos did something anything but vanilla last night, scoring three goals for his first hat trick (might I add it was Natural). We at Natural Hat Trick Productions appreciate hat tricks whenever we can find them (preferably not against the hometown Rangers, but, eh, we have no such control over these things). Therefore a special kudos to someone who likes vanilla but does not play that way.

Unfortunately Pat Kane and Jonathan Toews ruined his moment as the Blackhawks ended up beating his Lightning.

New York, New York:

I'm really (really) trying to avoid saying anything today about the team so I don't go on another long rant I don't have time for. And would it really be much different; that can be debated. So I'll keep it short and sweet. Korpikoski is injured, which means approximately 50% of the Rangers scoring over this slide is now not in the lineup. Rut roh!

Honestly, I do not know what to think of tonight but that it will be interesting. Interesting in a shocking way if the Rangers somehow find a way to win. Interesting in a disgusting way if they get blown out. And interesting either way to see how much longer the present team (players, coaching staff, management) continue as is. Interesting. . . it's almost a guarantee tonight.

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