Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A New Day. . .

A New Day. . .

Well all I have to say is that I am really very excited for tonight's game, and that is such a refreshing change of pace. And that is with full knowledge that there might be a bit of a transition time necessary, or that they might not truly succeed at all even with the change of coach. But I'm just excited to see something different. And I'm sure it will be different.

Hockey is such a fast beautiful game - when played the right way. I want to know the Rangers can do that again. It's been a long, long time.

Additionally, it's interesting that Tortorella is getting a chance to come back. I personally feel, and I'm sure I'm not alone, that he should have been the coach after his interim duties were over. But we can't go back. (Oh though sometimes we wish we could. . . ). Therefore, it's almost now a situation of coming full circle. The names of the players have drastically changed. I'd like to see how it all plays out.

I'll follow up tomorrow. In the meantime, I decided to try a new segment to the blog. A sort of who/what/where some former Rangers have been up to. There are plenty around the league, and it's always kind of interesting to see how they've been fairing. It might be too much or too annoying to do on a daily basis, but I'm going to try it out and see. (Unfortunately I don't think it'll be formatted very nicely. I apologize).

Where Are They Now. . .?

Team Player Action Note
Boston Aaron Ward Goal (2)
Boston Marc Savard 2 Assists
Edmonton Jason Strudwick Goal (2)
Anaheim Todd Marchant Goal (3) SH - Broke 43 game goal-less streak
Calgary Jaime Lundmark Assist *called back up from Tri-City

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