Thursday, February 5, 2009

The State of the NHL: One Canadian's Perspective. . .

I'm posting the below less because I share the opinion and more because I think it's something all hockey fans should ponder.

It's written by Canadian media - and again, reminder folks, it was no mistake Bettman was booed at the All-Star Game; they hate Bettman with a vengeance - so it is perhaps slightly biased, but I think it presents a bunch of good facts.

Don't hold me to the specifics, but is it not true that the six NHL teams (6 of 30) are responsible for 30% of the entire league revenue? So much for a business man, right? Numbers don't lie. Bettman, apparently, does. Because for financial reasons, it only makes sense for more teams to be in Canada.

I won't say I'm for contraction, although as a Rangers fan that knew how few people went and supported the NJ Devils, I was all for them moving to Nashville when that was discussed over a decade ago. And even after Nashville didn't pan out, I tried to petition to have them move to New Mexico and become the Santa Fe Dancing Hats.

But I regress.

I don't like Bettman. I never did. And the truth is, there is nothing he can do at this point, save push me out of the way of a moving vehicle, that would ever make me think of him any differently. His views are skewed and I'm not sure his actions are in the best interest of the game I love. If he can't see the painful truth because he doesn't want to, that's just not good enough for someone who is supposed to be impartial. The league, commisioner included, is anything but.

Anyway, read, think. Make your own judgements.

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