Thursday, February 26, 2009

Some Laughs (And Maybe Some Tears). . .

Apparently Scott Morrisson and PJ Stock have been referring to the Rangers five big contracts as...The Fab Five.

If you can't already guess, they mean Drury/Gomez/Naslund on the front, Redden/Rozsival on the back. The front end is a -34 combined. The back end is -25.

Tony, on Team990 Montreal, pondered, can you imagine if Glen Sather was Gainey giving those contracts away in Montreal. Oh boy, the mutiny.

PJ then cuts in to say he found out something very interesting recently. The story goes. . .

Apparently Sather only wanted ONE of Gomez and Drury. He was only expecting to get ONE guy to sign. But they both received their offers and apparently both ended up signing them at the same time.


I'm surely not defending Sather for his idiocy knows no bounds, and I'm not sure exactly who Stocker heard this from, but damn...if that is the case, they seriously need a better system. That cannot happen. That cannot feasibly happen.

Or can it?

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