Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Around The League: Flashback One Year, Bowling for Wins, and Renny's Illogical Prucha Theories [UPDATED]. . .

Somtimes one year does indeed a difference make. Just ask Florida Panther's Richard Zednik.

It was one year ago last night he almost lost his life, let alone his career, in a freak accident where teammate Olli Jokinen's skate met his neck.

I happened to be watching that Buffalo/Florida game that night at that moment, even though I'm still not sure why. (I also, somewhat eerily found myself tuning to the Red Wings game right as Jiri Fischer collapsed and was revived on the bench years earlier.)

Zednik's situation was so incredibly scary. I'm sure no one on the ice could stop thinking about it. The fact that the game continued almost surprised me because who could really think about hockey when they'd just seen one of their fellow players go through something so horrific.

Credit all of the medical staff on hand and those in hospital for turning what could have been a tragic story, into an inspiring one.

For Richard Zednik returned to the game he loved, seven months after his injury I'll be honest. If I were him, I'd have a serious fear of getting back out on the ice; a constant thought in the back of my mind of what if. But Zednik apparently had no such fear, or if he did, he worked hard to overcome it. That's a great testament to the person and his love of the game.

And last night, exactly one year later, in Florida's game versus Toronto, he scored both the game tying and game winning goals.

I guess some stories do write themselves.

Les Habitants:

Things have gotten so bad in Montreal that apparently, rather than practice on ice, they've taken it to the lanes. . . literally. Instead of an on ice workout yesterday, the Habs went bowling.

Yes, bowling.

You heard it here first. Unless of course you hear it elsewhere.


In random Rangers news Andrew Gross's at Ranger Rants teases that he'll have some "interesting" quotes on Prucha from Tom Renney.

I wait with baited breath.

The Update:

I'm not shocked Larry Brooks got the ball rolling on this conversation, as he's been Prucha's most ardent supporter this year. But BIG kudos to Andrew Gross at Ranger Rants for typing the entire conversation with Renney out. It is much appreciated. Gross often takes the extra time to write tidbits and convos you don't always see on other blogs. Thank you for that!

However, since what Renney said is so completely and utterly moronic and nauseating, I am going to hold off all comments in hopes of not getting violently ill at work.

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