Thursday, February 5, 2009

Cause For Concern. . .! [Slightly UPDATED]

Breaking News!

Seriously, this just in. Rangers coach Tom Renney's thoughts on the game two days ago:

"I thought we were dominant against Atlanta."




Great. So not only is the coach lying, pulling at straws, hypocritical in his words and actions, damaging to youth, and apparently unyieldingly biased against Europeans. . .

He's now outright DELUSIONAL!

Just when you thought things couldn't get any worse on Broadway, you read something like this. I mean I know Renney has a big vocabulary but I now get the idea that he has no idea what the words he uses mean.

Playmaker. Sustainability. Dominant.

You know what. I might just begin my boycott of this team with tomorrow night's game from Dallas. Where Voros - yes that Voros, who led the Wild in penalty minutes last year I'm sure you'd be shocked to know - will be on the first line with Naslund and Gomez.

Seriously, is there medication I can take for this?

Author's edit - 9:44pm. As of tomorrow I am going to have a two and a half day computer hiatus. And unlike last time I said it, this time I literally mean it; no computers in sight! Whether I listen to the Rangers game tomorrow on the radio is up for debate, but I am going to try to catch the Caps game on Saturday from a bar. We'll see. Everyone have a good weekend!

1 comment:

Kerri said...

If they were dominant against Atlanta, what would he call last night? A good road game? Solid effort? What?

Sorry, I find the whole thing hysterical. However, if you're out a computer, you don't know about Sean-y boy. :-D At least he looks alive out there, sometimes.

The word "sustainability" makes me want to spit, now. It gives me this awful, bitter taste in my mouth.