Sunday, March 22, 2009

Yotes: Prucha Nets 1st. . .

Well it finally happened. Petr Prucha netted his first goal a Coyote.

Not - as Terry Mercury incorrectly mentioned just a half an hour ago on XM204 Ice Cap - his first of the season.

He mentioned in the wake of Phoenix's 6-2 loss to Anaheim, that Prucha had just scored his 1st goal of the season and that if - if - Phoenix were to make the playoffs next year, they'd need a lot more production from Petr Prucha.

I have nothing wrong with people making mistakes. Goodness knows this blog has provided many examples of it. I just don't like when people make sweeping generalities without first knowing the facts.

Prucha scored, in limited games and ice time, four goals as a Ranger this season. That makes tonight's goal his first - as a Coyote. And fifth on the season.

I LOVE the Ice Cap guys; next to Hockey This Morning,it's my favorite show on XM. So it's nothing personal. Even though Mercury was a fill in for Jamie Shalley tonight. I will not play favorites. I just didn't like that not only was he incorrect in his reporting, but he used his incorrect fact to try to make a point about why the Phoenix team wasn't doing so well this year.

Sure, Petr Prucha affected the Coyotes downfall, from midtown Manhattan.

Can't this guy get a break from anyone?

And just who gave Terry Mercury Tom Renney's cell phone number, anyway.


Now that I've gotten the jokes out of my system, here is the video of his Petr Prucha's 1st goal - as a Coyote.

Have I clarified enough? ;)

It was, let me say, quite a nice goal.

(Note, I am including the full game recap, because I can't get 'just' the goal right now. Sounds like Prucha had a few decent chances tonight. I haven't watched the game yet, as I was at the Garden tonight.)

And since tonight at NHTP, we are talking only about my favorite departed Ranger, here is one of the good quotes from Darren Pang from Tuesday's game against San Jose. Prucha was put on a line with Martin Hanzal for the game to try to get something from their "Czech familiarity."

"Both guys are really good on the defensive side of the puck and they will see a lot of Joe Thornton in this game. When you look at Petr Prucha, if you are unaware of him, he's a player that, only three years ago, scored 30 goals in the National Hockey League, so he can finish. His goal production has dropped, but he's tenacious on the puck, strong in the corners. He takes a hit and he gets up. He plays a very disciplined game. He doesn't get out of sorts if he gets banged around a little bit. That's what I like about Petr Prucha. And I think he's really familiarizing himself with the Phoenix fans and with his locker room."

Even though I haven't spent nearly as much as I would like to watching and soaking up all of the Phoenix games, from day one Darren Pang has said nothing but wonderful things about Petr. His attitude, work ethic, and style of play. I find it hard to believe if those things stay the same, that he will not be a fan favorite in Phoenix if he stays in the desert.

I also, of course, find it hard to believe that those things we love about Prucha will not stay the same.

Heart, spirit, loyalty, skill.

That was and will remain the Petr Prucha trademark.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for copying down those Prucha comments. I feel like Prucha's mother, I burst with pride whenever they string together a sentence about him, lol. Which is every second of every period of every game! It makes me so happy. I'm really starting to get suspicious that some crazy Prucha fan (like one of us) migrated to Phoenix and took over the entire 'Yotes organization. It's the only explanation. ;)

Like how the headline on was something like, 'Doan and Prucha Tally in Loss', but later on, it somehow somehow mutated into, 'PRUCHA SCORES FIRST GOAL AS A COYOTE...' etc, etc. LOL, I love it.


kels said...

You're very welcome. I'd love to record all the wonderful things being said about him, but there are not enough hours in the days or weeks.

If in your watching you hear something extra cool, please let me know and I'll look for it. Right now all the Tivos in my house are a collection of the Coyotes games I haven't had time for yet.