Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Around The League: Woah Manny, Hossa Injury, and A Note on Tomorrow. . .

I'm not going to touch on Sean Avery now. I debated back and forth and thought, well, as long as he is here - and I am for the record glad of it - I'll wait until he's played or is going to play his first game before I go any deeper into this. So on hold with that. Except for one very quick and very genuine, Welcome Back Sean.

Where Are They Now. . .?

There were no "WATN" moments in yesterday's single game, but damn if there wasn't a GREAT moment for one of my FAVORITE all-time former Rangers tonight.

Manny Malhotra had 2 goals, including the game winner, and an assist to help the Blue Jackets beat the Kings 5 to 4. He was named the #1 Star.

I LOVED Manny in New York and followed his career to Dallas and to Columbus. While he already found his own, being a fan favorite and a great team guy - not that I am surprised - he seems to be chipping in more this year than in recent years on the score sheet. Playing with one Rick Nash, perhaps?

Kudos to him!! :)

In a quick pass of the scoreboard, it looks like PLENTY of former Rangers had good nights in the NHL, but I'll post that at some time tomorrow.

Scary Stuff. . .

In the bad news of the night, Red Wings Marian Hossa went head first into the boards, stayed down for 10 minutes and was removed on stretcher. He was taken to hospital.

Again, never like to see things like this. Prayers for him.

In a followup to Ethan Moreau's eye injury, the Edmonton captain has been experiencing "water torture" symptoms (as per Craig MacTavish, which we'll take to mean constant and uncomfortable) but he is not in very much pain, and is starting to regain his sight. That is very, very good news. Upon returning to play - yet to be determined - he will wear a visor going forward.


As was the case last year, I am at work this year in meetings pretty much during all the key times. (I keep telling myself every year to call in sick!!) I'll bring my blackberry and try to keep myself as up to date as possible. But do not expect any updates here at all during the afternoon. And do not expect any reaction until later in the evening. Although, I'm hoping it will be more joyful reacting than mournful reacting. . .

16 hours and counting. . .

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