Sunday, March 8, 2009

More Rangers Farewells, Kraft Hockeyville, Where Are They Now and Prucha's First Point. . .

A short post tonight, because I am not relishing having to lose an hour of sleep and go to a hockey game at what will technically be 11:30 in the morning!

If the Rangers have had problems showing up to 1:00 games, and 12:30 games, who thinks they'll be just dandy with an 11:30 one?

I'm feeling it will be a long afternoon already.

More Farewells:

Those heading out to Nassau to see Pete Prucha, Nigel Dawes, and Dmitri Kalinin, enjoy!

Also I must say that it was completely forgotten in all my thoughts and emotions over Prucha's departure from the team that two other Rangers left the team as well.

I heard Dmitri Kalinin speak once, maybe twice, so as a result I know less about him than I do about any Ranger in the last half dozen years, if I had to take a guess. I hope the change of scenery (again) is good for him.

Nigel Dawes wasn't my favorite Ranger, although he did have good moments and I sure liked the guy when he was scoring. A successful junior player, he, like many others, perhaps might not have had the best of chances to succeed here. I think he has a good goal scorer's shot, and that was proven many times in New York. He helped the Rangers win a lot of shootouts last year, and he had some timely goals, namely against New Jersey. Rangers fans should never forget those players that played well against their hated rivals. And he did.

As for the guy, I think I take some solace in knowing in knowing that both Pete and Dawes went together. As much as I still don't like how they both went together, I'm glad they did. I'd imagine if it were one guy going in that trade, instead of three, it would be a more painful adjustment. Instead, you know you have two guys with you who chances are you know pretty well. Pete and Dawes played a lot with each other on the Rangers, at times, and although Pete didn't get interviewed a lot, Dawes would, and he never hesitated to speak of how "Prooch" was playing well. I always appreciated that.

It's mildly ironic in some way that they both did get traded together. So often, and very unfairly, I'd take out my anger on Nigel instead of on Renney, when Prucha didn't play. It seemed a one or the other type situation, when goodness knows it was not that clear cut. Even if Dawes was a good old Western Canadian boy, instead of a European kid. (Sorry, last time.) As it turns out, it wasn't one or the other to be playing in New York; it was neither.

So best of luck to all the new Coyotes.

A Question to Ponder:

Speaking of Western Canadian boy though, a thought struck me earlier today. Nigel Dawes is from Winnipeg. And the Coyotes were once the Jets.

Does that mean Nigel is playing for his hometown team?

Kraft Hockeyville:
Congratulations to the city of Terrace, British Columbia for winning Kraft Hockeyville 2009.

I didn't enjoy the segments as much as last year's, with no disrespect to Cassie Campbell Pascal, because I think she's a doll.

No I think it's only because of how much I miss watching Kelly Hrudey have so much fun visiting these towns while Scott Oake looked like he was being poked with a hot branding iron the whole time.

I miss those two together!!

And lastly, Where Are They Now, for Friday's games. . .

Where Are They Now?

Team Player Action Note

Phoenix Petr Prucha* Assist (PP) 1st point as a member of the Coyotes
Carolina Matt Cullen 2 Assists

Congratulations to Petr Prucha on his first point with the Coyotes. Even though it was in a losing effort, the quotes from last night and the view of it show, it was a great effort from Prucha that allowed Lombardi to get the goal.

As if we'd expect any different.

And yeah, I know, I know. This so wasn't a short post. ;)

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