Thursday, March 19, 2009

Where Are They Now: Jamie Lundmark. . .

In his most recent call-up from Quad City, one former Ranger is making his mark. That was especially true again last night against the Stars.

Jamie Lundmark had a "beautiful goal" and teammate Michael Cammalleri said, "He set the tone for us early, showed what he's willing to do for this club and what kind of guy he is. And that's big for us."

"He came to play," said coach Mike Keenan.

Never known as a tough guy, Lundmark even dropped the gloves with Dallas agitator, Steve Ott, during the match.

As for the Gordie Howe Hat Trick that he just missed, Cammalleri added, ""I wish I'd have got him an assist somewhere along the line, because he deserved it."

I'm glad to hear Jamie has done well this year when he's been called up. Calgary is a stacked team right now, in good position, so to know that at these important moments he's helping chip in important goals, that's a fantastic way for him to get noticed and be remembered by the coaches and his teammates.

This morning on Hockey This Morning, Scott Laughlin said that he's always happy when players that were drafted high and might not get a good start early in the league, find their way and show some of the potential they once had.

I agree. Lundmark never really worked here in the disappointment of that final season pre-lockout. But...when the Rangers had to pick who to keep betweeen Pavel Brendl and Jamie Lundmark, it was mentioned they chose Lundmark because he had a better attitude and was more a team guy. (If anyone else wants to take the lead on doing a Where Are They Now: Pavel Brendl, please feel free).

But as for attitude, it goes to show that sometimes that really does matter. I hope he continues to do well.

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