Sunday, March 29, 2009

Around the League: When You Need A Laugh, Watch These After Hours Clips. . .

Well no, I didn't watch the Flames/Wild game, as previously mentioned. (In former Ranger's land, Jamie Lundmark got a goal and an assist for the Flames, and #2 Star honors, in case you are curious.)

But...meanwhile that didn't stop me from staying up late and watching After Hours.

And I have to readily admit that I have not laughed that hard at After Hours in a while. (Well not including when they re-showed the clip of Alex Burrows doing his Marc Crawford impression during Ryan Kesler’s interview a few weeks back. That was classic!)

Eric Nystrom, son of Islanders great Bobby Nystrom, was their guest and he was hilarious to watch. In general just a good interview. Down to Earth, self-depreciating. Talked well of his father, and hopes he gets to see some of the success his father had back in the day.

The uncontested best part of last night, however, was when they made him watch a video clip of himself. Apparently when in Quad City Eric did an on-ice strip tease imitating the famous scene from Slap Shot. He said he's seen it hundreds of times and he hope's that was the last (and that his grandmother who was watching in BC was not too embarassed!!). But that won't stop us from showing it just one more time.

For your viewing pleasure here is Eric Nystrom:

Oh and in case you feel cheated, here is the whole Alex Burrows interview on After Hours from October. Move the time to 1:00 to hear the Marc Crawford impression. “Burrr, what you were thinking?”

Seriously, folks, when you need a laugh, I'd find it hard to believe these things won't make you smile.


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