Monday, March 16, 2009

Yotes: Getting to Know Petr Prucha [UPDATED]. . .

How ironic that this interview was given just a short time before his departure from New York, and that it was posted yesterday? Okay, perhaps just ironic to me, but it was a pleasant surprise for me when I found it today.

As promised, here is the Getting to Know Petr Prucha interview with comments where necessary:

Status: Phoenix Coyotes right winger (interview was done prior to trade from the Rangers).

HT: 6-ft-0 WT: 175 pounds

DOB: Sept. 14, 1982 In: Chrudim, Czech Republic

Hockey Inspirations: "It used to be Pavel Bure, when he used to play he was amazing. I remember I saw his performance in the Olympic Games when he scored five goals. It was unbelievable what he did there, so, it was him."

**A lot of what Pavel Bure did was unbelivable. It's truly a shame he couldn't stay with the Rangers longer."**

First Hockey Memory: "I remember when I was playing on the rink where there was no roof. It was like my first experience where you go through pre-school hockey or something like that, I don't know how you guys call it…No roof. It wasn't even a building, it was only the rink (age 5)."

Hobbies/Leisure Activities: "For sure I like playing other sports like tennis, soccer or whatever's good for getting in shape during the summer. So, stuff like that. I like to travel."

**Remind me to share a thought on Pete and soccer at some point during the doldrums of summer when hockey is over and we are bored!**

Nicknames: "Nothing special. Just 'Pruchs.' "

**Or Proochie as Shane Doan apparently called him. ;)**

Favorite Movie: "Old School."

Last Book Read: "Twilight."

**Guess Kels is going to be reading herself some Twilight. Also suppose it was translated into like 100 languages. I'm getting images of his teammates joking with him over this. If they haven't already. :)**

Favorite TV Show: "Friends."

**One of my favorites as well. Wonder who his favorite character is.**

Musical Tastes: "I like U2."

First Job: "Cleaning windshields of cars in a gas station."

First Car: "Skoda (red)."

Current Car: "Mercedes (silver)."

Favorite Uniforms: "Rangers."

Pre-game Feeling: "Just clearing my head totally. Don't think about anything, just be focused."

Favorite Meal: "Dumplings with strawberries."

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: "Vanilla with chocolate sauce."

**Better than just plain vanilla. He can join Steven Stamkos and I for vanilla ice cream anytime. :)**

Greatest Sports Moment: "That's lots of things. I would start with winning the championship in Czech. Then winning the world championship (2005). And my first game for the New York Rangers (2005); my first NHL goal. Stuff like that."

Most Painful Moment: "Every time you lose it's painful. So all losses I ever had (laughs)."

**See that right there. That's the right attitude.**

Closest Hockey Friend(s): "My whole team."

**From the mouth of a truly good teammate.**

Funniest Player Encountered: "'Gomer' (Scott Gomez)."

Toughest Competitors: "'Orrsie' (Colton Orr)."

Funny Hockey Memory: "I tell you, when I was back in the Czech Republic in the league I had a breakaway, well it wasn't a breakaway, but I was waiting for a pass from behind. And I had turned back and the goalie came in front of me and laid down and I tried to jump over him and I couldn't make it so he hit me in the legs and I made a whole flip. So it was pretty funny, because I wasn't injured…If I would have got injured I wouldn't laugh about it. It was awesome."

**Thank goodness he wasn't injured. Guy is honestly like a freakin' bouncing ball.**

Favorite Players To Watch: "(Pavel) Datsyuk. I like Marian Hossa, too. (Nikolai) Zherdev, too, is pretty nice to watch on the ice. I like those guys who can handle the puck really well."

**So master stickhandlers Wade Redden, Michal Rozsival and Dmitri Kalinin didn't make the cut. Hmmm....**

Last Vacation: "Miami."

**I believe Korpikoski and his girlfriend spent the All-Star break there, as did a few members of the team. Guess he was among them.**

Strangest Game: "I remember, well, I didn't play that game, but I remember that game we were up 5-0 and we lost in overtime (to Montreal). It was pretty hard to even watch it. It was a strange game because it never happened in my life. Other than that, when we lost the game in Buffalo in the playoffs. Last seconds, we were up 1-0 and they tied the game with seven seconds left and we lost in OT. Very painful.”

**Oh yes, it was painful. And I remember feeling grateful that Petr wasn't part of it.**

People Qualities Most Admired: "Be fair to people. Be honest. Be funny. Don't make a big deal about if somebody is making fun of you. Just be cool all the time."

**And this is when we find we can love him more than we loved him, if possible.

Honesty. Fairness. Sense of humor. Self-depreciation. Whoever taught this kids the lessons of life, they did a great job.**


Anonymous said...

That's it! I finally know what my conversation opener is going to be on the day I finally meet Petr Prucha.

"So how freaking hottttt is Edward Cullen?!?!" LOLLLLLOLLLLOL <33

Oh, and 'Proochie'? OMG, that's actually adorable! Where did you hear that? Shane + Pete = BFF! ;)

kels said...

Although I still didn't fully "watch' the first broadcast that DirecTV with the Coyotes feed - was that against Buffalo? They interviewed Shane on the bench and gave him a "can you name what numbers the new guys are wearing trivia." So he went along naming Dawes and Lombardi and when he got to 16 he said, "16 is Proochie" or something that sounded very much like that. And I was like, awe, as if I didn't already like you Shane, I like you even more. Proochie!

I have to read the book!!

Kerri said...

Do you think he's totally crushin' on Edward? Because there is NO reason to crush on Bella. (Unless he saw the movie, the actress was pretty.)

Anyone think it's ironic Prucha enjoys chocolate syrup (erhm, sauce) on his vanilla ice cream based on the way the Rangers have been described this season?

Rangers= Vanilla.
Prucha= Vanilla with chocolate sauce.

And ain't that the truth?

Proochie? lol lol, that's cute.