Saturday, March 7, 2009

Back To Reality. . .

After a two day break, I think its time to get back to reality here.

Now, Natural Hat Trick Productions, from the beginning, was always a
Rangers AND an NHL blog. In fact, it started somewhere around the end of
the Stanley Cup Final last year, and the first few posts had nothing to do
with the Rangers at all.

Obviously as the summer went on and the season began, the water naturally
leveled and there was definitely many more Rangers posts than NHL posts.
Although I have tried my hardest to keep track of as much as possible league
wise, it was a much busier year than I expected.

The only reason, besides my tendency to ramble, that I even bother bringing
it up is to make it clear that this will definitely remain a Rangers
dominated blog. . . BUT. . . given the events of late, I must be honest in that a few other NHL clubs will certainly get more playing time here at Natural Hat Trick Productions.

I'm sure you'll be shocked to know the Coyotes will definitely be finding themselves covered a lot more. I debated making a separate blog, but for now I think I will continue having this be a catch all. And just try to label my posts in a clearer way. Around the League. Yotes. And hopefully everything else will fall under the Rangers.

We'll see how it goes.

Sigh. You want to hear something funny. Not funny haha, but well, the other type of funny. So I started the "Where Are They Now" segment just over a week ago just because I wanted to document how guys like Manny Malhotra, Dom Moore, and Marc Savard were doing. I never realized in such a short time I'd be including yet another departed Ranger. My favorite Ranger.

Yep, life is sure funny sometimes.

And since I brought the subject up, the what should have been Thursday and Friday morning editions of:

Where Are They Now. . .

Thursday: N/A

Team Player Action Note

Phoenix Nigel Dawes* Assist on GWG 1st point as member of Coyotes in 1st game
Philadelphia Mike Knuble G(23) Only PHI goal
Florida Radek Dvorak G(11) Only FLA goal
Columbus Manny Malhotra Assist
Minnesota Kim Johnsson 2 Assists
Minnesota Marek Zidlicky# G(11) Note, MZ did not play for the Rangers; he was only drafted by them.

*new team
# draftee

Prucha: 16:03TOI/-1 in 1st game; played 1st line with Matthew Lombardi and Shane Doan

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