Sunday, October 11, 2009

Not Standing Back - Rangers/Ducks Wrap-Up. . .

So, another day, another win at the World's Most Famous.

I can get used to this!

They aren't perfect, and it's still early, yes, but it's nice for the Rangers to start a season well AND to look exciting doing it.

We all remember last year's remarkable start...and the boredom that followed. Let's all hope that such a scenario does not repeat itself this year, even though I don't think it will.

The powerplay looks better, even when it doesn't score. The defense, even though they are young, are moving the puck and getting involved.

Did you see Staal go WAY out of Renney-position to attack the puck carrier and keep the puck in the offensive zone for his teammates?

That sort of thing just would not have flown under the "quite honestly" guy.

But Tortorella encourages the young d-men - Staal, Del Zotto, Gilroy - to be offensive and be involved. And I love every minute of it.

Even Redden appears to have transformed, although slightly it may be, this season.

Gaborik continues to make the 3rd period his own.

Callahan continues to hit everything in sight.

The team continues to win. And win in a way you are happy for them to win. By not standing back.

Such a relief.

And big props, by the way, to Valiquette. It's no secret here at NHTP - I like him a great deal. To those who say he is not good enough to be a full fledged NHL starter, perhaps because of that game in Dallas or the one versus Toronto where he let in like five goals. I argue that it is games like these were I feel when he has a team in front of him, a team that will not collapse and play dead, that he can and will be fine. Maybe he'll never be a starter. Maybe not. But we really don't know how he'd react if given the opportunity. No one does. So I'm just super happy for him when he plays and get the chance to grab a win for the boys. And a shutout, to boot. Good for him. I find it hard not to cheer for him.

Tonight also marked Avery's return to the ice. I swear, Prucha, Hank, and this guy, are the only players in recent memory that have had their names chanted at the Garden with such intensity.

All Avery had to do was hop over the boards onto the ice and he's being greated with chants of Avery, Avery, Avery.

Say what you will. I'm glad he's back. If there is one place he can play and be effective, I'm glad it's here.

Remember the record when #16 is in the lineup?

Now 62-26-17 and counting.


Luke said...

Hi Kels,

Great post, as always. I've only just caught up on all the games myself. Was a hectic week for me and this compressed schedule seems to make it very difficult to watch games a day or two late... I have not risked reading anything online for fear of finding out the results!

But, now that I am up to date. We look very impressive! Young D men have been getting a load of time and doing very good things with it. Old and underperforming D (Rozi) got benched to let him know he needs to pick his game up. Dubi and Cali have looked very good and gone above and beyond every minute they are on the ice.

Avery is back and doing his thing :-)

Gabi is more than living up to the hype. Like you say, I can get used to this! But, speaking of Gabi, I do have one problem with the season so far:

Does anyone know what our (reportedly) injury prone superstar, Gaborik, is doing out on the PK blocking shots? Do we really need to invite an injury by having him out on the PK like that?

Aside from that I'm one happy sportsfan.


kels said...

Thanks Luke.

I am with you. There have been so many games in so few nights it's almost impossible to keep up.

I am so happy w/the team right now. And I'm not ignorant enough to remember last years good start and feel they are invinsible to the same end result - but yet it feels different.

The way they respond to adversity, the way they don't stand still. The way anyone can and will score a goal. Safe is death, Tortorella says. I am right there with him. Give me anything but safe - this start to the season has been amazing - something Rangers fans can truly cheer about.

And Luke. No less than five people have expressed the same concern to me personally. And again - tonight! Gaborik is too good for his own good! I love that he can "do everything" but don't put our best offensive player in a situation like that!!!

Luke says he's "one happy sports fan."

I can agree with that wholeheartedly!


And it's about time!!!