Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Five Things About The Rangers/Sharks Game. . .

Thought I'd try a new way to try to get some thoughts down about each Rangers game, in the shortest form possible. =) Here goes. . .

* Gaborik's point streak comes to an end at 8 games to start the season as a new Ranger. I was pulling for him. But the streak was very impressive and he is still mighty impressive in all he does. Simply amazing to watch. As much as I many times over feared them signing him, after Gomez was taken off their hands, this was a risk they just had to take. When healthy, there are simply not much better. And it is a treat for Rangers fans to see.

* The Rangers finally lost one after 7 in a row. A spoiled seven in a row. And not spoiled like apples, but spoiled in that the Rangers last few were not as strong as their first few. It was simply bound to happen. Disappointing, because who doesn't like to make history. But I said this last year and I mean it no less now - if they need to lose to have them correct what is wrong with their game - it is worth it at this early stage in the game. Very worth it.

* Del Zotto continues to impress me, and Rangers fans everywhere, I'm sure. How does it feel to see a young, Rangers defensemen score goals for this team? Goals when they count. And to play so smart offensively. We will never see another Brian Leetch. But, watching Michael Del Zotto feels as close as we are going to get in a long, long time.

* Not sure why the Rangers played Valiquette here. Not going to say he was the reason they lost although I'm sure he'd like a goal or two (or all) of them back. But if I was going to play him at all in the recent stretch, it would have been Saturday in Toronto, for reasons I'm sure you can name. You have to play Hank against Jersey, but Hank has done well against San Jose. Not sure why you make that move. But, considering the entire team looked like they played 3 second periods, I'm not sure the difference it would have really made in the end.

* I loved that Jed Ortmeyer scored tonight. Ignoring my attachment to the Coyotes and all things Prucha for the moment, Jed was a Ranger first and Jed was the ONLY thing to cheer about for a while - namely during the 03-04 season. His attitude and spunk was so vital to the fans during that time and he was a big favorite of mine. They loved and appreciated it and all he brought to the game, every single night. Ignoring the Rangers, and save Prucha doing well in Phoenix, nothing makes me happier than the fact that Jed is playing NHL hockey again. He deserves it so much and I could not help but smile at him tonight. You can have talent, but you simply can't teach heart.


Kerri said...

I was happy, too.

It sucks that the Rangers lost; you always want your guys to win. But one of "our guys" did win last night, and he deserves every second of his spotlight. That's Jed's second goal for the Sharks, and considering he's not a prolific goal scorer, this is a great start for him.

I hope Glen cringed, even for just a moment, watching Ortmeyer's goal. I'll admit it: I smiled.

(Yeah right, like Glen actually turns on the Rangers game!)

And saving all things Prucha related, Ortmeyer is probably my favorite ex-Ranger still playing the game. So go, Orts! Wanna a see a big season out of that kid. (Although I guess our Ortmeyer isn't a kid anymore!)

Luke said...

Hi Kels,

I agree with you re the "spoiled seven in a row" A loss to a decent team was going to happen very soon. Maybe that's why Hank played on Saturday night? Make sure you get the two points against the struggling team, knowing you were about to drop two yourself in the near future? But, I guess that argument is flawed if you then pull Valley at the end of the end?

While no one likes to see their team loose (especially like that) it's going to happen. Just skimming the results from the past week shows Florida beating Philly and Phoenix beating Boston! (how good are Phoenix going!) Teams loose unexpected games, loosing one that was never a lock is not a big deal. What matters is how they come out vs the Devils. I don't think it matters if they loose the game tomorrow, so long as they put up a good fight and get back on track.

And speaking of fighting, if Brashear is now as soft and over it as he seams. Can we send him back as defective? He was employed to stand up for people. I've not seen him do it once. He should sit till he sorts himself out and Voros should be getting a chance to play instead.

Finally, Del Zotto, how incredible has it been watching him emerge :-)


kels said...

Keri - Lol @ Glen. He's have to be watching for one, and two, remember Jed was the Extra Effort winner back in 04. I am not sure of either! ;)

And yes, he's always a kid. Still looks like a kid, but, yipes, I guess if he's now over 30 - he's not! =)

Luke -

It's so true. Thursday's effort will tell a lot. I've been too busy to keep up as much as I'd like to have been, but even though they had a day off I heard practice was kinda tough today. Hopefully they'll be ready!

As for Brashear -I am kinda hoping the jury is still out. I have no sense of attachment to him, certainly. But I'm hoping it was not as silly a signing as we all thought it was. But yes, nothing too much too impressive yet, sad to say.

And Del Zotto - as per TSN.ca today - early Calder favorite. How wonderful does that sound?