Thursday, October 29, 2009

Five Things About Rangers/Islanders. . .

* I didn't feel good about this game when the Islanders went up 1-0.

* The Rangers, correct me if I'm wrong, didn't have control of this game for one minute?

* The Islanders deserve all the credit for playing fast and hard against their rivals and making the plays necessary to win.

* Hank was apparently upset with Girardi on the gimme-goal the Isles scored. He was upset? Was there ANY defensive zone coverage tonight? Any at all?

* Congrats to P.A. Parenteau for his NHL first. At least someone on the NYR team remembered why they were on Long Island tonight.

Seriously, nothing much to say. I saw as much as one can see from a bar filled with angry, screaming Yankees fans. But...not a good enough effort. I realize the Islanders treat this like a Stanley Cup of sorts, but ...come on. First game against them for the season and that is the response? I realize there is no Gaborik but ...seriously is that what the NYRs become without him? Not the most I've watched of a game this year, but the most concerned I've been in the short season. Need a big effort and a big win next game.

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