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HNIC Wrap-Up ~ October 10, 2009. . .

This will be shorter than usual, because my watching the 9 o'clock game prevented me from watching an entire HNIC game, but we'll focus on what really matters, won't we?


I adore Kevin Weekes and I can already tell he will be much better than Marc Crawford in the hot seat next to Scott Oake. No offense to Crawford - the coach only dogs can hear - and best of luck to him in Dallas, took him more than half the year to feel half way comfortable. Weekes already seems like he's been doing this for years.

And their first guest of the evening was...

Scott Sco-Go Gomez. Which made me smile. Scott looked uncomfortable after the loss and the interview began pretty awkwardly.

While Oake didn't want to call the NY years a bust - even though I really think we should - he tried to get Gomez to talk about it.

And what was Gomez's real reason for last year's mediocrity?

He actually said it was injuries. He's like, I'm not making excuses, but...

I'm sorry. If that is the case he was injured, fine. Maybe he was. But it was his attitude that drove me crazy and what apparently Tortorella found unacceptable.

Yes, a hip-groin-leg-arm-neck-back injury can make you a less efficient player, but Scott, does it cause those "vacuous" passes to no one?

And how about those late nights of partying? Those for the injury?

Yeah, sorry, not going to buy that one.


The interview got better though. Gomez can still, at his best, provide a good interview. He talked about how it's odd being recognized on the street because he's never had that. And that when all is said and done - as careers do not last forever - how it'll be amazing to say he was a Canadien, considering the history of the franchise and those that have gone before.

I really hope he realizes that. I know if I were blessed enough to be a professional hockey player, I'd have certainly wanted that. I don't think that's why I am a Rangers fan, but it certainly gives me a sense of pride. Knowing that this team was around in the 1920s and that this team, barring something none of us can imagine, will still be around in another 100 years.

But back to Sco-go:

*In talking about his injury during the lockout where he was told his pelvis was broken, he said it was not so serious and got blown out of proportion. His answer, "I was on the dance floor a week later."

*New teammate Michael Cammalleri said that Gomez can't stay on the phone for more than 30 seconds but can text for hours. Gomez said jokingly that Cammo just hasn't realized he doesn't have anything to say to HIM. He also said he likes to work on his spelling, hence wanting to text more.

*But the BEST part of the convo and the part that did make me smile was when Scott Oake asked about how he, Gionta, and Cammalleri like being referred to as the Smurfs. Gomez said that was new to him but that:

"We're in the gym, trying to grow. Hanging on the chin bar for hours.

If there is a growth fairy, we are putting money under our pillows.

Maybe next interview I'll be 6'1"

As much as I like to rag on Gomez, I do it because it's fun not because I really wish badly for him. I mean I'd be silly to wish him supreme success after his attitude, partying, er...Injuries...kept him from being effective here even though he was the highest paid player. But I'd be a bad person to wish him failure in Montreal.

I'll just reiterate - I will love to hear him defend bad games, and love it even more when he's trying to do it in French.


Moving on the the next guest, we have Mr. Hilary Duff - Mike Comrie.

Now, I never really had an opinion on Comrie either way, but after this interview I must say I do.

He gave really thoughtful responses to the questions - really thoughtful - and was not afraid to laugh at himself, talk about the tough stuff. And I admire him for that.

For the record, he mentioned a false rumor. I know about the contract holdouts. I'm guessing he was silently referring to the Salo incident. There are some things we'll just never know the truth to. (This wasn't the first, it isn't the last).

He talked about his mother dying from cancer when he was 10, about his father's furniture business, about growing up in Edmonton. A lot about what it is like to return and wondering if the fans will be supportive after how he left last time.

Hated and loved in his home province, that is the story of Mike Comrie.

But the interview wasn't all serious.

On of the funnier parts was how Weekes talked about his man purse or murse and how he carried it around in the lockeroom - his "bag of beauty" if you will. And how everyone made fun of him for it until they needed something for a date or to meet someone - to step up their game after the game.

Comrie for the record said he has never and will never have a man purse. He doesn't even wash his face, he just washes with soap.

And this guy is dating Hilary Duff. That made me smile.


Oh but speaking of Hilary Duff. Apparently Comrie couldn't do a movie premiere, so Kevin Weekes stepped in instead.

No, not really. But that's what the good folks at HNIC photoshopped it to look like.

Love it!

*not sure how long it'll stay active on the site, but if you'd like to watch in all it's glory - here.

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