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HNIC Wrap-Up ~ 1/9/2010. . .

There haven't been HNIC wrap-ups, mostly because the World Junior Championships (Congrats USA) were being shown on NHL Network and when I wasn't in front of the TV on Saturday it became too hard to manually record the CBC broadcasts at the right moment.

Anyway...this made me laugh.

Cassie Campbell interviewed Scott Gomez on Hockey Tonight. Now Rangers fans now how, we won't say silly, but non-serious Gomez appeared during interviews. That much has not changed.

Cassie: Scott has 12 points in his last 10 games. Ron?

McLean: You're amazing. Now you don't like Scott Gomez's game face.

Milbury (mockingly with hand motions): Just happy to be here. $7 million a year.
You've got a big game against New Jersey coming up, have a little serious side. I guess that's just me, though, right, Ron?

The times I've agreed with anything Mike Milbury has said are few, oh so few, and far between. This, however, may be one of them.

I'm still shocked he has 12 points in 10 games. Yikes.


"The PJ Stock Classic today" says McLean, as PJ does update of Rangers/Bruins game, PJs two longest tenured stops in his NHL career. New York was his first team, Boston his last, although he was with the Philadelphia farm club, the Phantoms, when he had his career ending injury. (I MISS YOU PJ!!!)


Top 10 Goals from the Western Conference did not include Prucha's vs Pittsburgh (French Canadian Network RDS did at #3!!!!). It did include a Fred Sjostrom goal at #10 though.


For those that missed (me included) Vancouver and Calgary went to a shootout. Dawes got the first goal in the shootout for Calgary. And after scoring earlier in the game, one time Ranger Jamie Lundmark got the deciding goal in the shootout putting Calgary ahead in the division. A beautiful goal. He was called, "a warrior," "an underrated guy," and "a victim of the salary cap." Named #1 star of the game by HNIC.

"This is just a genious move with unbelievable skill and unbelievable patience."


After Hours presents "The Sedin Triplets" - Henrik, Daniel, and Alex Burrows!

It didn't even take til the first commerical break, before Scott Oake brings up one of my FAVORITE After Hours moments when Alex Burrows does his Marc Crawford impression:

"Burr, what were you thinking there."

LOL! Never gets old.

If you haven't seen it yet, here it is (not super clear but condensed):

The three then proceeded to have a rousing game of who knows their linesmates better.

Burrows not knowing name of Sedin's hometown - minus one.

Daniel automatically knowing "Baton Rouge" was one of the places Burrows toiled in the minor leagues - plus one.

Burrows being able to tell the twins apart (even with a trick!) - plus one.

Sedins not knowing that Burrows was named best ball hockey player in Canada in 2006 - minus one. (Although they both seemed super surprised and happy for him).

Burrows being able to say Hank was six minutes older than Daniel - plus one.

Burrows wins with a +1, but unless I missed a question in there - no fair!

Burrows, when asked about the Sedins soccer deficiency, said they were the two best players on the team but that Hank played with both feet, Daniel only used his left.

I love photo time, they show a picture of Alex Burrows as a model.

Burrows: That's my Calvin Klein ad.

Oake: You know's body that is?

Henrik: Yeah it's not Burrs.

Alex may have been a jerk for slashing Vrbata in the leg late last year, but the guy is funny and he's one of only around 50 players to score hat tricks in back to back games, which he did last week.

Love it.

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