Saturday, January 30, 2010

HNIC Wrap-Up ~ 1/23/10 (A Week Late!). . .

Week late again - I hope this is not becoming a trend...I apologize. Not trying to leave NHTP a desolate place as much as I have recently. Maybe I'll be able to catch up on life once the Olympics start. Oh..right...I'll still be watching hockey. ;) Anyway...

Last Week on HNIC:

Before Cassie Campbell asked Tortorella about it, the guys at HNIC had a good laugh about the Brooks/Tortorella clip from the post-game from Thursdays game versus Philly.

Their comments:

Milbury: "I'm going to score that Tortorella/Brooks thing a draw; I mean Larry Brooks hung right in there. He can be abrasive as all get out, but Tortorella went right after him. What can a coach do, you have to address it, get it out in the open once in a while when you think you've been mishandled by the media, and then you gotta move on which he has."


Hrudey: "I'm sure this will surprise a lot of people too. I'm actually going to brag about Sean Avery. Here's a guy that I've been awfully critical of for a long, long time now but you have to hand it to him." [He goes on to talk about how impressed he was with this play versus the Flyers.]

"There's not shame to me in losing a fight. It's battling for your teammates...Aaron Voros and the rest of the teammates were awfully proud of Sean Avery. I've gotta tell you, when he plays like that, and he doesn't yap off, I like him."

Milbury: "Where were the rest of the Rangers in that game? After the Carcillo incident with Gaborik, there should have been an immediate response. There was none. Avery was one of the few that showed up to got it done."

You know how much I hate it when I agree with Milbury but...

After Hours:

I actually got to catch After Hours live last Saturday, so I had some Twitter comments about it, but how fun was it to have Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews BOTH on After Hours? Loved it! I want more teammate pair interviews; they are almost always fantastic.

The good thing about doing this a week late, you get to see it yourself, as a kind stranger has posted on Youtube. First are Parts 1 and 2 for Patrick Kane and 3rd one is both Kane and Toews. Enjoy!

Part 1 - Kane

Part 2 - Kane

You know, as much as people may have changed their thoughts (understandably) about Kane during the last year, I still think two things:

1) He is pretty well-spoken. He has gotten better surely as he's been in the league a few years, and he's being asked to speak much more often. I enjoy listening to him, especially when he throws in some reminders of how young he really is, ie, "pretty girls walking up and down the street." He is what he is and I enjoy him. Time will tell just exactly what type of person he truly is, but if you can separate the two, and sometimes you have to, I still love him as a player and love to watch him grow as such.

2) He is a first class talent. He is one of those guys, perhaps, you want to cheer for because he is one of the smaller guys. He scores some amazing goals. And he is someone, as an American, we can cheer for in national tournaments hopefully for years and years to come. And, as much as I do not root for players for where they are from (at least not intentionally), it is wonderful to see a guy that will hopefully join guys like Modano, Richter, Leetch, Tkachuk, Hull, Chelios, etc, in the glory of American national competition. We'll see how he does in just a few short weeks in his first Olympic appearance in Vancouver.

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