Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Five Things About the Rangers/Devils Game. . .

* This was one of the most exciting games I've seen at the Garden in a long time, and without scoring! It's a rarity where everyone on the ice was so insync for 60+ minutes. The back and forth was almost non-stop. The speed was intense. It was just very easy to get into it.

* Speaking of fans, they were really feeling it. It may have been the rivalty game. It may have been how the Rangers were playing that the fans fed off it, but they were standing, cheering, and much more lively than they'd been in the longest time. Great atmosphere.

* I mentioned it on twitter (NHTProductions) - this was Martin Brodeur's first ever shutout at Madison Square Garden. It's almost staggering that he had not gotten one before this, especially with how bad the Rangers were for such long stretches of time. As a Rangers fan, I hoped I'd never see him do it. Does it make it better or worse that Hank got a shutout too?

* With the 51 shots they had on goal, the Rangers did what they could. Gaborik, Dubinsky, and Callahan had 5 shots each. Girardi, Anisimov, Boyle, Gilroy, Higgins, adn Rozsival each had 4. Only Brashear and Christensen did not participate in the shot parade.

* Disappointing to lose the shootout, certainly. On a few levels. BUT, I had read on Rangers Rants that Christensen was so upset with himself for losing the puck in the shootout that had a hard time sleeping. Isn't this what you want from your players? Not to keep themselves up at night - I don't want him to be THAT hard on himself - but to care. To show they care? I can think of one other person that wouldn't have let missing in the shootout ruin his night's sleep?


Good for Christensen. I've been nothing but impressed with him since he came to the team. Right attitude. He may know it's his "last shot" but made a big difference when Prospal was out.

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