Saturday, January 23, 2010

HNIC Wrap-Up~ 1/16/10 (A Week Late!)

Tonight, be sure to catch the HNIC pre-game show, Hockey Tonight. As the Rangers are in Montreal, you may see some familiar faces. (NHL Network - 6:30pm for those in the States).

Meanwhile, it's been one of those weeks so I'm just now getting to LAST week's show, here's what we missed:

* The Ron McLean interview with Colin Campbell. I missed it (obviously) but heard rumblings about it on Team990. And there was apparently some bad feedback to the CBC on it, from Burrows parents, even. How their son was being shown in a bad light.

I think McLean did fine (and I'm a big fan of his). I think he did fine with how he conducted the interview.

In the case of Burrow's parents, I perhaps can see what they were saying. For those that didn't watch, they showed kind of a "this is what Burrows has done" timeline with video and, yes, some of it paints him like the "Sean Avery of the West." Surely. But I think it wasn't done badly. I don't.

And let it also be said, "Burr, what are you thinking Burr..." constantly laughed about here didn't make it clear, I am a Burrows fan. I think he can be a punk at times, and I certainly didn't appreciate his whack to Vrbata's leg late last year, but I don't think he goes out there to injure anyone. I think he is a little bit of a pest. I see the similarities to Avery, too, but again, I don't make apologies for Avery. He is a good hockey player. And even though we've seen players like Anson Carter benefit from being on a line with the Sedins, I'm pretty sure Burrows has paid his dues in his journey to the NHL and he's here because he too is a good player and can play with those boys.

* On After Hours, Bill Guerin was a guest. Who doesn't appreciate Billy Guerin? He's just a high class guy.

The funnier parts were when PJ Stock joined in via video. Here is some of what was said:

Oake: PJ Stock counts you, I think, as his best friend in the game of hockey. And you're even willing to own up to that.

Guerin: I am. I accept that position. PJ is a great guy and a good friend for a long time. So it's good to see him doing well out here.

PJ: ...Buddy, that's the worst Tom Selleck moustache I've seen in a long time. Why?

Guerin goes on to explains that the day before games, they have a shootout contest, and the loser on the 1st of the month has to grow a moustache for the month and be "moustache boy." LOL!

PJ: What toll did it take on your body, with that shortened summer, especially at your 46, 47, you are at now, how has that short summer affected you this year?

Guerin: Yeah Stocky, it's kinda funny, I'm creeping up there. But unfortunately for you, you stopped growing at the age of 12. I kept going until about 18, 19, 20.

Oake: Hey PJ, thanks a lot for contributing to the program tonight, we really appreciate it.

PJ: Anytime I can carry you Oakie, anytime. See ya Billy, good luck.

Healy: Good questions.

Oake: PJ had to run off to the Irish Embassy. Going to try to catch Rudy there.

Billy, when aked about the US Olympic team, said he felt very confident in the group of players that Burke had put together, that they could do very well. He spoke about a passing of the torch. He had his time; it's their time now.

Good stuff, they should invite PJ in more often to contribute to After Hours, and Bill Guerin is always a treat.

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