Tuesday, December 8, 2009

HNIC Wrap-Up ~ 12/5/09. . .

Well what really else matters on Hockey Night in Canada if Jumbo Joe Thornton is going to be on After Hours~! =)

Seriously, if you like him or have no opinion on him, he's always a must-watch!

Granted, I'm assuming if you already hate him, his hilarious interviews will not change your opinion, but you never know...


This week started with a big shock - JUMBO JOE HAD A SHIRT ON! Joe Thornton NEVER wears a shirt during interviews. Shirts almost seem to repel from him. It's an odd phenomenon.

My best guess - not along PJ's lines about whether or not he worked out enough at Venice Beach topless - is that he got married. Perhaps his wife does not want him going shirtless on national TV anymore. He got married over the summer. I don't know but...


For the record, Joe and PJ played together in Boston and Joe calls him "one of his favorites of all times" as far as teammates go. Take that as you will.

PJ continues to express his disappointment that Joe is not shirtless and Joe promises next time he and Weeksie will go topless for the interview. (We'll see...)


Anyway, after PJ was done with his joking about Venice Beach and Joe's clothing or lack thereof, he asked a serious question. He listed the half dozen players Joe made a career of setting up (Setogucci, Cheechoo, Murray, Samsonov, Knuble, Guerin) and noted they were all righties, UNTIL Dany Heatley.

Joe thought it was a great question and he said he did have to change what he did and that he prefers setting up righties. Well until Dany Heatley that is.

We all know how well that is working so far for San Jose so no arguments yet.

Then After Hours sent PJ off for a "big beer" (Scott Oake: "He's got to rush because it's heading for last call at the Irish Embassy") and Joe off to...well, we're not sure.


Meanwhile in stepped Rob Blake. It was established:

* Blake scored around 2 of his career goals versus Kevin Weekes.

* He thinks the additions of guys like Manny Malhotra and Jed Ortmeyer were good ones to help fill in the puzzle in San Jose. (no argument here!)

* He made a point to sit and talk with Patrick Marleau when they knew that Blake would be taking the captain C after it was taken away from Marleau. Sounded like Marleau was ready to come and work hard and make it work, despite what obviously could have been an awkward situation.

* He's a "lousy doctor" but a "great hockey player"

* Actor James Caan is on his speed dial. And Ray Liotta trains with them sometimes.

* He can sing hip-hop lyrics when prompted.

* His son is a huge Joe Thornton fan so he was thrilled when his dad signed in San Jose!


That's it for this week. Good After Hours. Love when we get the random guests of non Canadian teams in there. San Jose is always a treat. That Thornton/Boyle one was priceless. I'll find a clip fo that one on a day I need a cheer up!

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