Sunday, December 20, 2009

HNIC Wrap-Up ~ 12/19/09. . .

If you didn't get a chance to see this (and you aren't Tavares-ed out) - watch this video of him and Dougie Weight.



Three things about Alex Ovechkin (in general) and on this night:

* He won the Caps "Hardest Working Player" Construction helmet for the first time all season tonight. Scott Oake was baffled. AO explained he missed eight games and had to get back into shape.

* It was AO-craziness in Western Canada. And Ovechkin responds by saying he loves Canada.

* We knew it before, we know it now again - He LOVES the attention. He really does.


Sam Gagner was on After Hours:

* They showed the clip from last year when they did "Cribs" when he lived with Tom Gilbert and Andrew Cogliano.

* Since then, Gilbert has kicked them out. Sam has also apparently not gotten any cleaner (he cleaned the most cause he was the messiest). He and Andrew live in separate apartments in the same complex.

* As so often on After Hours, they get questions from video. This one was from Jason (Strudwick) of Edmonton, asking about stick curves. Apparently back when Struddy was playing in Vancouver, he shot a puck clear out of the rink at practice. Then coach Marc Crawford grabbed the stick, threw it into the stands, and gave him Todd Bertuzzi's stick. Struddy liked it so much, he has used that stick curve ever since. Awe miss Struds!

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