Thursday, December 17, 2009

Five Questions on the Rangers/Islanders Game. . .

Okay forget things, we're going to do questions. Here goes:

* Do you blame Tortorella for the state of the current team? Are you mad that "safe is death" seems to be words, not actions?

* Who is the most detrimental to the team at present? Drury with his 7 million, or Redden with his 6.5? (And yes, both can be an acceptable answer although I have my preference).

* Who thought Avery was going to get kicked out of the game - right, wrong, or indifferent - just for looking at Roloson the wrong way, let alone taking a swing at him?

* Who is able to admit to themselves what may just be the real and honest truth? - The Islanders are, right now, a better team than the Rangers. Who thought that'd be so when the season started?

* What do the Rangers do to fix this? Do they bench someone, make a trade? Tear it up? What do they do? Because, honestly, what can they do?

I like this group a lot better than last year, but after tonight I am convinced this year's team is having worse problems than last year's team - at least on the surface. Yes, last year they were happy and they couldn't score. Last year they had no personality where this year you WANT to like them. Last year they had a fast start and tumbled, JUST like this year. What gives? I honestly am beyond baffled. Tortorella promised changes for tomorrow. I'm just as baffled as the next guy in what exactly that will be...


Luke said...

* I don't really blame Tortorella for the state of the team. He was not the one who put them together, that was Sather. However, this team should be doing better than they are. No, they should not be top of the table, but they should be in the top half! For that, I do blame him.

I don't believe he is a good coach. Renney had no answers and tried to hide it by talking like a politician. Torts tries to hide it by having a hissy fit and refusing to talk. Grow UP! You're the coach, it's your job to motivate, inspire and teach people. Do it.

* Drury. Redden sucks because of his price tag. At 2 - 3 mill he'd be acceptable. You cant waive him as someone will take him at that price. Drury's production is non existant. On paper he deserves to be on league minimum. He is a waste of space. We should have a load of prospects and tallent in his place.

* I was just happy to see someone display a pulse! I want to see Avery get a load more ice time.

* They are. They deserve to be. They went through some tough years and seem to have built something...

* I think making a trade is a big long term loss. Like the islanders did, we need to take some time to rebuild. Sather and his trades got us Drury and Redden. We can't risk another one! Let the younger players get some ice time to develop.

Despite how pathetic that was... I'm sitting up tonight to watch it live. If the ship goes down, I'm going down with it. It's freezing cold here and snowing heavily. I've made egg nog and I'm holding out for a Christmas Miracle at about 2:30am my time, I want to be awake to see it ;-)

OK, as we all need something positive. Did you see/hear/read about Pruuuuuuuu vs the leafs :-)


kels said...

Luke, thanks for sharing your opinions. I agree with you.

I almost wish I watched more of Tortorella when he was with Tampa. I know he had a strong group of forwards (two of the best) and at that time one of the most elite goalies in Khabby, but...I'd like to be able to draw from what he did and how it worked. Because, yes, unfortunately now, whatever it is isn't working.

I didn't see too much of the game last night. Not because I didn't want to, but it happens sometimes. I was shocked to see them win and that Drury scored. (ha) But honestly without having seen it, I can't comment. Perhaps its as simple as any change and anger gave them a boost to play better. Although from the stats I was seeing, they were more getting out played than doing the outplaying.

I don't know, Luke. I don't know.

Funny story on Prucha actually. I was at the Rangers game Wed night and SO HAPPY to see all the twitter updates that he had scored not just once, but TWICE! I wrote my father to tell him. And he was like, "Ata boy, let's trade Droooory for him."

And I said, as much as I'd love to have Prucha back, I want him playing for a good hockey team.

Ouch! Okay, maybe not so funny after all.

But yes, thrilled for one of the good guys getting a big night.