Sunday, December 13, 2009

HNIC Wrap-Up ~ 12/12/09. . .

The biggest point I took out of HNIC Hockey Tonight was what Alex Ovechkin said. I know not eveyone loves the guy. I have had my moments of doubt in his most recent season, I won't lie, but I think overall he is good for the game. If for no other reason than this.

"I play every game as if it is my last game, because you never know what can happen on the ice."

I think the game, our game, would be a better one overall if more players played that way. Not reckless, not dangerous, not wild. But played the game with passion, love, and appreciation for how wonderful it is and how precious and short the time of playing it may be.


Some funnies:

Turco had a quite a shootout versus San Jose on Friday night. To the Christmas Goose song, they showed Turco out poke-check three of the Sharks skaters.

PJ comes on screen and said "I got to follow the Christmas goose!"

LOL at PJ!

PJ then says Kelly never gets any credit. People always pick Gretzky first overall. PJ says he's picking a team, he's going with Kelly.

Although after he asked if Kelly is buying drinks, and Kelly refuses, PJ takes it back.

Ron McLean: "On HNIC where blue eyes can be PJ, Kelly, or Frank Sinatra."


The "interrogation" of Mason Raymond on After Hours:

* Ryan Kesler said that Mason was a good dancer when he had a few. Mason says Kesler, Wellwood and O'Brien dance it up in the locker room after Canucks wins and that Kesler is one of the best dancers on the team.

* He had a border collie named Champ that used to retrieve balls/pucks that went past the net when he would shoot them. Unfortunately sounds like poor Champ stood in the net and got a few pucks as well. Ouch! See, how wonderful are dogs? Man's best friend, man's best game.

* How do you know you can marry a girl? When you take her cattle roping. Apparently worked for Mason and his wife Meg.

* Scott Oake started calling him Masie. Over and over and over. Apparently this was something new to Mason and his teammates were all over him for it. Masie. Ha!

* His name was "pulled from a hat" or so he says and his name was used in a skit on How I Met Your Mother. I didn't know they liked hockey on this show. I may have to watch. You can too here - (can't get to link properly)

* Who would be the worst hunting companion? "Hordy or Shane O'Brien" essentially because they talk too much!

Great interview. Raymond seems like one of those quiet, but funny guys.

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