Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Around the League: Wisniewski Update and Words From Doan. . .

It's In the Breathing:

I watched or listened to the majority of the Detroit/Anaheim game on Sunday, but last night I only ended up turning on the game around the time James Wisniewski got hit in the chest with a puck.

Now, that's what we knew happened - around intermission when the Versus studio guys finally got around to showing the incident again. Granted, right after that happened, Wisniewski had been elbowed in the face, so that was the focus of the replays over and over again.

The color guy, for the record, - I think it was Darren Elliot - it took him three times to realize that it was not Francois Beauchemin that got injured. I mean, I know they may be high up but they do have monitors and just how similar are Beauchemin's #23 and Wisniewski's #34? (And the second time was after the video had already gone to a closeup of him on the ice).

Anyway, small gripe. To the point of this post: When the incident happened last night, I really wanted to run down immediately and type what I thought was wrong with Wisniewski, but I was, admittedly, too lazy to do so. What I wanted to say last night was that I was convinced he was having problems breathing and that whatever came out the next day news-wise, would confirm that fact. I am a seasoned viewer, but certainly a viewer with no medical background - whatsoever - and I knew that he was having problems breathing. Looking at him hunched over on the ice, his back was heaving in an abnormal manner. He wasn't acting like he was in pain - although he was - he was breathing like he was scared he wasn't getting a full breath. A very spasmodic motion of breathing, if you will.

And that is not the type of reaction you'd get from being elbowed in the face. Unless you were in such pain you got yourself upset and started hyperventilating. But yet they all kept focusing on the elbow to the face.

And low and behold, I hear on the radio today that Wisniewski has a lung bruise, or a lung contusion for all those medical people all there.

Now look, I hate that the kid got hurt, but I take a small level of pleasure in being right on that one.

If you want to hear the VS broadcast at this junction of the game, feel free.


And if you've been in hockey circles today, you probably heard about the Coyotes filing for bankruptcy. I'm going to play like Shane Doan here and wait to comment until there is really something to comment about. Very sad for the franchise though, a franchise as you can well imagine, I have come to have quite an investment in.

P.S. I'm listening to PJ Stock and he's saying, there is only one broadcast you should be watching tonight and that's the CBC. He says so because he's working for them during the playoffs. It's 2 rounds into the playoffs and I've gotten the CBC broadcast exactly once and gotten to see PJ exactly once.

PJ, man, I only WISH, I could.

No disrespect to the VS guys. They do the best they can with what they have and I enjoy some of their broadcast teams. Sometimes, on a good day. But the CBC, they are just light years ahead and it's a shame, as a hockey fan, that I don't get to experience the best of both worlds.

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