Thursday, May 28, 2009

Around the League: Some Quick Hits

Author's Note: I've been very much out of touch with the blogging community, both writing and reading lately. I just have to take a minute to say that I've been without a computer, minus at work, and I've been too busy to do much there. Hence the really quick posts without proper links or formatting, which I don't like doing. Good news is, I am hoping with in the next few days to have this situaton back to normal and to get back to some sort of routine. In the meantime...


This situation despresses me, so I try not to think about it too much. I did however read a good article today in Canoe. Worth a read if you have a few minutes.

While I think there is more to the situation than just geography, I have heard people mention this before. I've only been to Arizona once and never to Glendale. I am not sure how difficult the sitution is first hand, but it doesn't sound like it's easy. And, granted, as mentioned, this should not be an excuse, but it does make you think twice about going to see a team especially a team without a great record of success. Remember, we are spoiled in NY. The fan base is so strong and so deep, the team will never play to an empty arena. It's hard for us to see how a poor team and a long drive would deter fans from going to see a hockey game, it really is.

Again, I'm holding to both sides here. I want the team to stay in Phoenix because I think they are right on the cusp. On a personal level, I became invested in this team from Trade Deadline on, and I want to see the rest of their journey.

That being said, I can't argue with having a team in Southern Ontario. I just can't. I'm just saying that it doesn't have to be the Coyotes.


Well, I've been busy and out of communication so long, the 3rd round came and went and we are faced with the same two teams in the Final as last year.


Look back. I've never been a fan of seeing the same team win all the time. I want to see different teams, different players. And again, I'm faced with the no-win of watching a team I don't like in Pittsburgh face a team that I never liked in Detroit.

I honestly believe Pittsburgh will win sometime. The will be good almost every year, unless something drastic happens. This is what we are faced with for the better part of the next decade.

And Detroit, well, Detroit might just be one of the all time most successful teams in history when you look at what they've been able to do over the last decade. And how they've done it. I may not like them, but I respect Detroit completely.

More to come on this, I'm sure. But if we can hope for anything, let's hope for a Final as entertaining as last year's was. I'll be satisfied with that.

Peter Zezel:

His passing was just such sad news. A person I recognized more for their name than in actually remembering him play, it's just such a reminder of how fleeting life is. I've heard such nice things about Peter as a person on the Teams and in the press these last few days. A shame. It seems the hockey world lost a truly great guy much too young.


Seems the Rangers are making a few more of the little signings that make no sense to me and that I usually ignore until they mean something. Just like draft day. I'll have an opinion when the guy actually plays a game for the team. Otherwise, just a name. They are all just names.

More on the Rangers this weekend. I want to wrap up some final thoughts. Then, like I said, hopefully back to some sense of normalcy.

What, normal, here?



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