Friday, May 1, 2009

Around the League: Kalinin Did What?, Steven S. and the Hawks PP. . .

I opened up this morning and this is what I found:

"Coyotes defenseman Dmitri Kalinin scored two goals, including the game-winning goal in overtime, to lead Russia to a 6-5 victory over Sweden at the IIHF World Championship in Switzerland."


I'll be honest. After reading that, part of me wanted to go right back to bed.

Steven "I Like My Ice Cream Vanilla" Stamkos scored two goals for Team Canada on route to a 5-1 drubbing of Team Czech.

In current NHL news, did anyone see how perfect that 2nd goal by Pat Kane was last night? Not the goal itself, but the setup on the powerplay. The Hawks got the puck in the zone along the boards and they pressured as Vancouver looked for a lane to clear. The Hawks got control of the puck at the near blue line and there would be three very quick passes. No one kept the puck on their stick for more than a second, a second and a half at most. Pass-pass-pass, low shot on goal, rebound, goal.

I watched that, tipped my cap to Pat Kane for his second of the game, and went to bed thinking: so that is what a powerplay is supposed to look like. Hmm. I've never seen the Rangers powerplay move that quickly in a while. Okay, let's me honest - maybe ever.

But, we'll leave that conversation for another day.

I'm in the car tonight so the plan is to listen to Bruins/Canes and switch to the Wings/Ducks. Tomorrow I am out of TV range for the day game (sorry, Mr. Bettman) but will be there with popcorn for Game 2 of the Hawks/'Nucks. If game one is any indication, that will hopefully be a great series.

**Note, I corrected the spelling from the Coyotes site above. It said "winng" goal. I mean,sure if Dmitri Kalinin scored two goals, I might have a hard time typing it too. I am, merely ribbin' here. Honestly, good for him. Maybe Phoenix will provide new beginnings for all. In my watching, he did not look as constantly exposed as he was in New York, that's for damn sure.**

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Anonymous said...

Hahah Kels, that was my reaction too. I just sat there staring at my screen like, 'Wait. WHAT?' I laughed so hard. But hey, good for him...