Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Around the League: And He's Back [UPDATED]. . .

Too many thoughts, too little time.

Pat Quinn and Tom Renney in to coach for Oilers.


We'll see.

**6:04pm update:
According to the Team1040, Renney said his decision of accepting an associate head coaching position "was obviously a no-brainer."

Interesting to note, he could have probably gone on to be a head coach somewhere, but he chose a lesser position but what he felt was a better situation. News on the Team is that Quinn's more agressive approach will work well with Renney's more careful x and os approach.

It's also a massive Vancouver reunion.

Again we'll see.

***6:27 update:

Some quotes from Tom Renney on the Team1040 after the press conference in Edmonton:

"I'm excited about this, no question about that."

"Anytime you make a decision like this, you want to take a good hard look at the people you are with. And in this case, it was a no brainer."

"There is a level of trust and a level of respect to match."

"I think we are both really excited about working together again and getting the Oil back to the winning ways."

On Vancouver connection:

"It's certainly unique. But you never know in this business. That's for sure. It always comes down to people."

"I think MacT had it going in the right direction."

"We have to maximize the potential that is in our young people."

"We should be good to go."

"I think the dynamic then comes back to making the commitment and elevating the level of commitment and holding people to it."

"If you hold people accountable, if you help these players be the very best players they can be, you should be good to go."

"I think it's vital that this team is seen as one that has turned a corner and pursues excellence on a nightly basis."

"I can't wait to do it [ come to Vancouver] as an Oiler."

***Well he had me until the word "accountable."***


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Kerri said...


The only part he had me was when he said "no-brainer."

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