Saturday, May 30, 2009

Around the League: And the Lakers Matter Why. . .?

First of all, I love that the NHL had to wait to see what happened with the Lakers/Nuggets series last night before deciding what time to air tomorrow's Game 2.


Say the Lakers had not wrapped up their series last night, but tonight's game went into 4 overtime periods. What then?

The NHL would still not want to have their games go up against those of the NBA. They'd force a tired group of players to play a 3pm afternoon game because that's the best thing for ...who exactly?

Either way, my guess is the NHL must be thanking the Lakers big time right now that they didn't really have that big a decison to make.

I swear, if I didn't love hockey so much...

I've already kind of expressed what I feel about the matchup for the Final. I hate seeing the same teams play every year. I really do. But, in this particular circumstance, I'm going to let it go, and as I've already said, just hope for a long, fun series.

They came through last year; can they do it again?

In Detroit's favor - experience, goaltending, leadership, the best defenseman in the league, if healthy, and unbelievable depth.

In Pittsburgh's favor - two of the best offensemen in league, young guns, and the fire to prove they can get it done this time around.

I think Detroit, even though not at 100%, still is just way too deep. They are the defending champs until someone knocks them down. Just not sure if I see it happening.

Hoping for a good one!

Author's Note: I joined Twitter for the only reason, seemingly, of it being easier to post quick updates at work on there, rather than on here.

I can't believe I caved. ;)

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