Friday, December 12, 2008

To Those of Us [Myself Included] Who Have Been Consciously Naive. . .

Well...I have now seen and heard everything I need to.

Hockey Rodent, a long time supporter of Petr Prucha, sums it all up. Very nicely I might add.

Click on "Requiem"

Pretty much, once there were no more Prucha advocates, Renney saw it fit to tell the kid what he really thought of him, while lying to his face.

I will never say I hate Tom Renney. But I hate every single thing about what he did and is doing to Petr Prucha.

I will now hope for one of two things, Rangers hockey related.

One: Tom Renney to get fired and Prucha to get a regular spot in the Rangers lineup.

Two: Petr Prucha to get traded away from this team, and go on to score 30 goals every year for the next 12+.

He's too good a person to be treated this way. And the Rangers and their fans, owe #25 a lot for what he has brought to the team: spunk, attitude, and heart.

That Tom Renney can't see that, probably tells you more about the coach than you wanted to know. I am sitting here almost wishing I didn't know. That I could continue being naive. But I can't.

Lastly. As for the rest of Hockey Rodents rant, I agree. I am so bored with this team and their stupid defensive style of hockey, if you could call it that. I love the team. But I hope for the sake of all Rangers fans that want it, we get to see hockey the way it can and should be played again soon.

I miss Jaromir Jagr. I miss Sean Avery. I miss Petr Prucha. I miss the passion. I miss the heart.

New York Rangers hockey should be better than this.


Kerri said...

Are you me?

Just wondering.

In all seriousness... my heart is broken. Prucha reminded me of what hockey was about. He made it fun, he gave the Rangers an attitude; a tough one, too, despite his size. His heart is the size of MSG itself.

What a shame for his organization.

Oh, and I'll say; I hate Tom Renney. He's made Ranger hockey boring, he's banished my favorite player for not being a perfect defensive solider, and his line changes boggle my mind. Underneath the hockey there is probably a good person there. But hockey-wise, I hate what he did to this team that I loved so much.

kels said...

Haha, no not you, but you know what they say about great minds... :)

It does especially hurt to see someone that appears to be such a good guy get treated so poorly. And considering the team can use any heart and jump it can get, I think we both agree, it's silly to not give a guy like Prucha - that brings both - a chance.

I've read your Devotion blog from time to time. We do seem to agree a lot. I hope better times are coming for the team, but their lackluster play has been hard to take for a while now.