Thursday, December 18, 2008

Rozsival. . .?

Okay, I feel a little better. Some of the doom and gloom from yesterday's blog entry as dissipated. With it, a new game, a new day. And wondering what the Rangers would do.

I'll be honest though, I didn't watch the game. Really. Again. It's almost funny to me. If I didn't have to go to work the next day, I would have been watching with popcorn and bells on, you know. But of course last night there was another reason I ignored the Kings/Rangers tilt (which I'll get to in the next entry), which is disappointing only on the level that the Kings are great fun to watch. Their young guys, the speed, the way a 19-year-old can quarterback a powerplay better than the guy the Rangers paid $6.5 over 6 years to do. Sigh. LA is fun.

And those jerseys (over the holiday I promise to do a blog reviewing each of the new 3rd ones), are fantastic. I want a shirt of it. In fact, if they make a shirt with that sheild, I'm buying one.With Kopitar on the back.

Anyway, since I didn't watch the game, didn't find out the score until the highlights package on Hockey This Morning (XM204), I can't really comment.

The one thing I can comment on is that Roszival's shootout goal proves two things: He can be a good player when he wants to be and that if I had to take a guess, playing under the NY spotlight gets to him. I've seen him do good things and bad things in his time with the team. A soft-spoken prideful man (tell me one Czech who isn't prideful, I dare you) and I knew immedidately that he'd be one player that wouldn't respond well to booing. Not really that those that came before him - Nedved, Poti, Malik - did, but Roszival seemed to take it a little extra personally. He came back and played much better around Thanksgiving, but I'm thinking he's played far better on the road, than at home. Just a hunch. Which is a connundrum to say the least. The guy can have a game like last night - when I heard Roszival in Overtime, I almost drove out of my lane - and pot a goal like that, he's not all bad. I'm just not sure it was the right mix. And I'm sure that 4
years at that price was too long for such a question mark.

That goal, one of the few moments I did watch in the game, was gorgeous though. No denying that. Beautiful goal.

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