Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Say It Ain't So, Joe. . .?

The utter insanity of this year's NHL injuries among big name players just keeps getting more and more headline worthy. Let's recap.

Erik Johnson - golf cart - September 2008
Marian Gaborik - hacky sack - October 2008
Manny Legace - red carpet - October 2008

And the most recent:
Joe Sakic - snow blower - December 2008

The above might seem chuckle worthy, especially when you look at them together like they are written above. But seriously, these are not funny injuries.
Now the Johnson one was just one of those random things. Imagine how he must have fallen stepping off the golf cart to cause a ACL tear. That's a freak accident.
Marian Gaborik is so often injured, I actually had to have someone tell me it was an injury by hacky sack and not just normal every day walking that did that to him.
Legace's incident on Sarah Palin's red carpet was the one that could have been easily prevented, and quite unfortunate.
But the one that makes me more sad is the most recent incident that happened to Avalanche Joe Sakic. A snow blower accident where he broke three fingers and damaged a tendon. Seriously? Can this guy not catch a break? If anyone deserves a break it's Sakic, a perennial good guy and someone who was aleady out of the lineup significantly for herniated disks in his back.
I'm not saying players of less class and respectability than Joe Sakic should deserve to get injured in any of the above ways. No one does. Truly. But it was extra disappointing for me to read that this happened to Joe. He's one of the few players in this league that I think fans of any team look to and say, good player, good guy. He's always been that for me.
Get well soon.

Rangers News:
I was going to spend the day writing a few random thoughts about the Rangers, but I thought better of it. I think at this point it'll just come out a mess. I'm frustrated with them and their way of playing, but more so that Tom Renney just keeps giving generic answers, there seem to be no effective practices, and no one seems to really care why things are the way they are and no one appears to be looking to see how they can change them. Except the fans of course.
And it looks like Renney is blaming Prucha. I mean, honestly, he WAS the reason they lost in Montreal last week and against Calgary on Sunday. Obvioiusly. I mean, no contest. He failed to score a power play goal (from the bench) and he pinched on the blue line and caused a handful of two on 0s against (from the bench). Yep, all PP's fault. All his fault.
Pete out, Dawes in.
Hank out, Vali in.
The fun continues.
Lastly, due to my poor record during my in-game blogs 1-2, I am going to take time during the intermissions to write some Christmas cards out. I'll recap after the game or tomorrow.

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