Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Snoozefest. . .?

At least a few apologies in advance, because I honestly am not sure what I am going to comment upon in last night's Isles/Rangers game. And that is because I almost unbelievably and regretfully, fell asleep.

Yes, asleep. In the third period. Which from my continuing to wake up every time a goal was scored, sounded like the better of the three.

To start, I was delayed out of work, so I missed the first goal on the radio. Anyone want to tell me what channel Rangers games are on now that it's not 1050 or 1130 or even 1560? I finally caught the Islanders feed on XM Radio in time to hear it was 1-0. So by the time I got home, I watched what I could of the first, and the second, but again, regrettably I fell asleep for the third. And not because I don't love hockey. But because apparently I was THAT tired.

So in the quickest wrap-up in history:

-Didn't think it was the prettiest game, but again, I guess they don't have to be. The important thing is they won.

-Chris Drury scored a goal. I'm not going pat him on the back and say he scored two. Because even if (even if) he touched the puck by a millimeter on that first goal, he didn't mean to. They second one was a legit goal, however, and I hope that breaks him out of his funk. Besides PK, the guy is not doing much else.

- Speaking of, thank goodness this team has good penalty killers, honestly. Because the PP is a joke. 1-8. Just sit back and think how good this team would be if they could get more than one PP goal a game. Honestly now. . .

- Joey MacDonald, in for a mysteriously injured Rick Dipietro, played very well. For a while, at 1-1, I thought it was going to be a close game the whole way through. Credit him. He kept them in the game until the Rangers (apparently) came on strong in the 3rd.

-Petr Prucha got more ice time (and a whopping 0:54 on the struggling powerplay) than Brandon Dubinsky and Aaron Voros, his linemates to start the game. This was because Dubinsky, the first center to be benched since Michael Nylander a few years ago (to my memory at least), came out of the gate and took 2 penalties. And because Voros fought Nate Thompson, who I think had grabbed Voros' undershirt, because it appeared Voros could not get a clean swing; and then later took a boarding call, which, from my slumber, sounded like a not great move on his part. I'll review that tonight. Of note for Prucha, a blocked shot. Which is all I seem to remember. And hustle. Of course, presumably, he was playing with a whole slew of different guys throughout the night. Will he be back Thursday?

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