Monday, October 13, 2008

Everyone's Favorite Guy to Hate. . .

I have to admit, again, that I haven't had the chance to watch as many "other" games this last week as I would have liked. And it seems that, with all games being evening games right now, there are only so many nights. And that in those nights, the Rangers have played most of them. Sorry, I have my priorities. So, my secondary thoughts of watching the Stars, Caps, Hawks, Habs, Sharks, Flames, 'Nucks, and awe, hell, most of the Western teams, has fallen short so far. Thus I have not watched one minute of the Stars this season. Repeat, not one minute.

That beig said, I found this article online just now:

Seriously, Sean. Seriously?

I am a little annoyed, and maybe because I haven't watched, I'm not justified in being so, but. . .seriously.

I wanted his time in Dallas to be more than an experiment gone bad. And I really did (and still do) think he has it in him to be an effective player. I am just not sure what is going through his head. Think he's allergic to fresh air? Wide open skies? Black and gold? I am not sure. And it's probably way too premature to call this a failed experiment, certainly.

But I do not like sticking up for a guy and then having something like that happen. Sean - come on now! I mean no disrespect to Stars fans, but I went out on a limb all summer saying they were going to love you. I'm not sure you've given them much to love yet.

Granted, apparently Dallas has started slowly. Which for me and my fantasy goalie is not good news. And maybe a few wins and everything will change. And I hope the first thing to change is Sean's attitude, if that is the problem in this case. Dallas is not New York. Dallas is not L.A. But (and no disrespect to the state of Michigan at all!) it has certainly got to be better than down-town Detroit. I'm sure he can find something nondestructive to do to amuse himself when he's not doing his job. Yes, his job. Or at least I hope so. For his sake. Because if he doesn't, and this continues, it's not like he is going to be welcomed with open arms elsewhere.

And, plus, he's going to tick me off for giving him credit for being a real player, rather than just a real character. For the latter, we can never deny.

Again, I'm not taking back my words. I don't want to and I don't want to have to. I think it's too early to call this one. But. . .not a first great week in Dallas, Mr. Avery. Nope.

See you at the Garden a week from tonight. . . if you aren't suspended by then.

In other notes of ex-Rangers gone...well, gone. . .Ryan Hollweg did it again. Just now! I am still listening to Team 990 during my usual 4 hour block, but I was planning on flipping to the Leafs game at 3. But it just appeared on the other blogs that Hollweg managed to hit someone from behind, get a 5 minute boarding call and an automatic 3 game suspension. (And this from a guy that was playing his first game of the season for his new team after being suspended in preseason for getting 3 of those such penalties in a 41-game span!) Honestly, he's gotten off to a worse start than Avery. And, I don't know what to think.

Again, the guy never gave me any indication he was less than a nice human being, but . . .come on! I want to snap myself in the arm with a rubberband for every single time I heard someone else say how "dirty" a player he was and I thought to myself, oh, he's not that bad. Umm, sorry, but after this, he really must be! A bad moment here and a bad moment there do not make you a bad player or a detriment for your team. But doing the same stupid thing every single time you get the chance to play. . . I'm sorry, but that's impossible for me to comprehend. You know, KNOW, they are going to be watching you because you have a reputation for hitting from behind. I'd count to 3, Ryan, before smacking anyone into the boards, ever again. And think about whether you'll have a career tomorrow. I'm kind of glad he won't be playing the Rangers on Friday. He might seriously injure one of his ex-teammates.

Back to work. . .

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