Friday, October 24, 2008

On My First Scott Gomez Show and The Good Guy Aaron Voros. . .

I don't get to listen to the Michael Kay Show as much as I used to. It kinda worked out better for me when he had the 10-1 slot and I was in college and on the days I was awake, and not in class, I'd listen. And not that the drive-time slot has been all bad. I just haven't yet realized I can utilize online streaming to listen to radio stations that are being broadcast in the same city as myself. Usually I'm all about the Toronto, Montreal, or Vancouver stations so I can listen to what really matters to me - hockey.

However, I just discovered Scott Gomez has a weekly segment on TMKS. Thursday afternoons at around 5:40ish. Cool! I remember how excited I was for Tino Martinez and Al Leiter's segments years ago. So I guess, when I'm able and not away from the computer, I'll be excited for that too.

The funniest part of yesterdays segment was when Gomez came up with a nickname for Michael Kay - "Bitter Beans." Michael laughed, and after the interview discussed with Don LaGreca, just how appropriate that name was. And how it was funny that his bitterness was SO apparent that random guests could pick up on it over the airwaves. oh Michael. I'm not denying any of that. I've been a fan of his for years. But Scotty Gomez - he has that sarcastic sense of humor with everyone! One of the primary reasons I found it hard to hate the guy when he came over from NJ, even though I really wanted to. Really badly. And to think last summer, I was happy about the Chris Drury signing and miserable about the Gomez one. ha. ha. ha. ha. But it's not really funny at all, is it.

In other random news, credit Aaron Voros with not only being a healthy dose of life in the Rangers lineup. A go-get em guy who can yap and be a physical presence, and, yes, score some goals too. But credit him with being a good guy.

I've seen most of his interviews, and he never fails to credit either Jacques Lemaire, his coach with the Wild, or the team of guys over at the Devils organization, like Lou Lamoriello, who drafted him and brought him up in a good hockey system. They also took care of him when he found a tumor behind his knee cap. He's mentioned his gratitude more than once. And as a Rangers fan, it might get annoying, all this love for the guys on the rival side, but in every way it's just sincerity. And that is something we don't see enough of. And he took it a step further by mailing a hand-written letter - yes hand written - to Lemaire, thanking him for what he'd done for him and crediting him with helping make him the hockey player he is today.

I tell you what, he won't be among the league lead in points all season, one would assume (although stranger things have happened). But if he continues to pot goals and be a genuine likeable guy for this team: I'll thank Jacques myself next time I see him.

And as for Voros, a class act. And genuine good guy. Who didn't forget where he came from and the battles he endured to get where he is. Good stuff.

(And on a really random note, even though they come from totally different sides of Canada, try closing your eyes when Voros is doing an interview and tell me what borderline future hockey Hall of Famer who recently took a role with the players association, he sounds like. Was that a good enough hint?)

Lastly, the Rangers take the ice again tonight after having 3 - count 'em - 3 big days off. Honestly, I didn't know what to do with my time off. I caught the beginning of some baseball games, I caught up on some TV shows. I tried to catch some hockey games here and there, but I'll be honest with you, it's been hard getting into a groove watching extra hockey when the Rangers play every freakin' Friday and Saturday. I'll be honest, I'm excited for Columbus tonight and the test at home against Pitt tomorrow, but I will be very glad to just sit back and watch a bunch of games next Saturday. The team will be in Toronto and I will be home, with my choice of games to watch.

As for the team. apparently Rissmiller, who cleared waivers the other day, is still skating with the team (don't ask me. . .). And apparently, the lineup tonight will be similar to those last game - except Dan Fritsche goes into the lineup in his home state and to play his former team. Although there will be some line tinkering. And I guess don't ask me about that either. If you go back in my blogs, I somehow thought the Dawes, Drury, and Prucha line was a sure thing. So I obviously have zero credibility in this.

However, I would not mess with the PS3 line, but it appears that Tom Renney will slightly juggle it. Keeping Voros and Dubinsky together but moving one Niki Zherdev to play with the struggling and borderline pathetic Markus Naslund and Chris Drury combination. Udachi, Niki, Udachi.

We will see. Seriously looking forward to watching a Friday night game from the comfort of my own living room though.

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