Thursday, October 21, 2010

Five Things About the Rangers/Leafs (Game 5 - 2010/2011). . .

Alright, and here we go:

*Yay for Marty Biron! Really happy for him. I had a hunch (expressed on Twitter) that it was right to start him in TO. Hank, for whatever reason, does not have his best games in Toronto - well, most of Canada - so why not give Biron the go. Not only did he win, he played well. And stopped what has been a hot Maple Leafs team. Good for him, - a really good guy. Congrats on his first win as a NYR.

*Ruslan Fedotenko led the Rangers with 5 shots on goal and got his first goal as a Ranger tonight. But, he had the right idea. The big thing is winning. And if more guys can produce on the goal sheet, the Rangers will do more of that winning thing.

*When Anisimov scored on the feed from Rozsival, and was right on the doorstep to do so, I asked myself - why is that so uncommon. Perfect scenario. Perfect looking goal. Kudos Anisimov for making it look smooth, but Rozsival has impressed in the small ways so far this year. Shots from the point. A few crafty passes. I think - maybe - he's finally back on track. Worth $5 million. No way. But a serviceable part of this team. He can be.

*Despite all the Avery/Komisarek/Gaborik/Armstrong talk going into tonight's game, the only true revenge would be to do exactly what they did - win. Win for themselves. Win for their team. And win to get themselves on track, and the Leafs off of whatever track of success they've been on. 2 points. Much needed.

*Kessel had 3 shots in over 20 minutes, and was a -1 on the night. Guess we can give some credit to Marc Staal for playing the shutdown role on him. Pretty effective job.

OH and speaking of Kessel. This is horrible, but it's really funny. I saw this floating around on Twitter. Down Goes Brown has some amazing stuff, and this is one of my favorites:

Leafs Delivering Tickets



Meanwhile, in Coyote land, Petr Prucha has been scratched two games in a row, bringing horrible visions of Tom Renney to mind, and making my twitter explode in dis-satifaction. Not good for his confidence. Hope this is not a pattern, or we'll see lovable ball of fire playing in Europe next year. :(


Luke said...

Hey Kels,

Is it just me or did Marty Biron look disturbingly casual out there? Every time he slowly drifted behind the net, mulling over what to do with the puck before gently gliding it up the boards... I was sitting here having kittens!

Still, he certainly got us the right result. Good game to watch. I hope we get some more this weekend.


kels said...

You may not have been the only one. But I think I'd prefer cool, calm, and collected to the alternative. Even if it does make the fans go crazy!!

We did, Luke! We got two great follow up games on the weekend. A winning streak. Something to build on for sure.

Team is coming together a little bit. Not perfect. But really much better than a week ago. Season is still young.