Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Five Things About the Rangers/Avalanche (Game 4 - 2010/2011). . .

Okay, much belated Five Things here. But we'll try to get some thoughts down here.

*Marc Staal was given the A, as voted by the coaches, at least in the absense of Vinny Prospal. I am obviously a big fan of this move. I think it shows good things to give this kind of confidence to the young guys, the important pieces of the team. And as proven by his contract, the team is buying into Marc as a key member of the team. Happy to see this, I hope he does well.

*How disheartening are Colorado's two goals in like 30 seconds? The Rangers didn't appear to play bad to start the game, but, they can't do that. Deflating. And that has just been the story for years with the Rangers. They have mental collapses at bad times. Hard to recover, especially when you aren't scoring goals...

*What happened to the goals? I mean, look, I get it. Gaborik is not there, but correct me if I'm wrong, Gaborik was not the main source of offense so far - this year. Last year - 20% of it! But this year, guys like Stepan, Fedotenko, etc. Now, granted, Stepan is young. It's not like he was going to score 3 goals every game. So he's forgiven. But I'd like to see that line and the Dubinsky/Anisimov/Callahan line spread some goals out between them. This team is not going to win if they don't score.

*The penalty kill has not been as good as it used to be. Can it really all be Drury's absence? I...don't think so. And not for not having faith that the Captain is good at that, but I just can't reach that far. Something else isn't right on the defensive side. And it shouldn't be Drury. He may be one of the top penalty killers, but as I've said before, so many have been able to do it, and do it effectively (and without breaking fingers). I'm going to watch closer next game and see what's up. No matter how pathetic the powerplay has been for years, the NYRs have had a very impressive penalty kill for years now. They can't afford, and I don't want, to see them getting away from that.

*Colorado is a good team. They were last year; I think they'll be again. Liles is having a great start to the year. And Stewart is becoming quite a player. (Glad I have him on fantasy. - As much as I hated his two goals for the sake of the game, I took them for my "other" team). Interesting to see where they net out, in the competitive Western Conference.

A few more random league thoughts tomorrow. I've been ignoring the league! Oh no!

But again, I'm really just realizing that hockey season has started. I love getting home from work and turning on XM radio and there's a game on. Any game. It's a great feeling. Hockey. I <3 it.

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