Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Did Bob Gainey Out-Sather Glen Sather. . .?

On the surface, this evening's deal between the Rangers and Habs begs that question.

As we speak, fans in Montreal are teetering over bridges and ready to overthrow Bob Gainey for making what they deem is such a horrible trade for them.

How do I feel?




And not for not liking Gomez, although let it be said, he had two things against him:

1) His inability to live up to his contract, though not entirely his fault
2) His inability to make us believe he gave a crap and was trying hard, which is entirely his fault.

I think Gomez, in a situation that makes him happy, can be effective. Put it this way, I wish him, as a person, well in Montreal, but not too well, if you get me.

Let's face it, he was never going to live up to the contract he was given. Again, not his fault. Gomez should never have been the top $$-maker on any teeam.

BUT, he could have looked like he cared a little more. That will always be my one gripe with him.

And as for complaints of why not Drury or why not Redden?

1) Shouldn't we be glad someone was going to take ONE of Sather's mistakes. ANY ONE of them?!
2) Drury has only 3 years left, Gomez had 5 - that has something to do with it, no doubt. Plus, Mr. Renney made Mr. Mumbles the captain of the team, not that I think that really would have stopped the trade, but it's worth noting.
3) No one will take Redden. That I even believed for a second Brian Burke would take Redden off our hands tells you how hopefully dellusional I can be at times.

Take this what it is, folks. A nice trade. It drops salary, a salary we desparately needed dropped. And it steals the best prospect in Montreal in Ryan McDonaugh. I listen to Montreal radio faithfully. They love this kid.

Trust me, fans in Montreal are probably more upset by the fact that he's leaving than in the fact that Gomez is coming.

And if Sather doesn't manage to screw it all up in the next few hours or days - always a possibility - then he might have just made up for one of his horrible mistakes and given the team the opportunity to make themselves better.

Fixing one mistake doesn't make you a better person; it'll just make us Rangers fans smile a little more until you make the next one.

Torts Quotes:

Steve Zipay on Blue Notes posted some Tortorella quotes yesterday, most of which I think are a breath of fresh air for Rangers fans. Feel free to take a read here.

My favorite:

"And I’m not afraid of youth. It’s going to be done on merit."

It may be too late for many of the wasted youth on this team, but for whomever is around for next season, this is going to be a wonderful change of pace.

Accountability - hmm, what a concept!


Speaking of wasted Rangers youth, I got a "tweet" from a Coyotes fan that made me very happy today.

"I LOVE prucha. he's a hard worker and does the little things that make a team better. He's crucial to us"

See, Pete will be fine. Just fine. =)

I was already greatly looking forward to the Coyotes season to see the team in action ON the ice.

But perhaps with some changes in place, I'll be looking forward to the Rangers as

Although way, way too early to tell.

Canada Day/Free Agent Frenzy Day/Tums and Tylenol Day:
The day that knows so many names.

I usually think of July 1st in the order above.

I wish Canadians, and those of us hockey lovers, a Happy Canada Day.

I get NO work done because I'm highly anticipated any trade, especially ones not done by our GM.

And I have the two Ts - Tums and Tylenol - at the ready for those headaches and bouts of nausea.

(For the record, I now know why I was kept up last Thursday night in advance of the Draft. I preached and preached Tums and yet, where were they as I anticipated the potential bad moves of the next day and lay awake, tossing and turning?).

Back to the point. I will, for the most part, after today be on Twitter only, as I will be out of state. I will not be anyone's best source for "up to the minute" updates, so please check elsewhere and help keep me informed! =)

And I wish you all a Happy Canada/Free Agent Frenzy/Tums and Tylenol Day!!! =)


Kerri said...

No one is stupid enough to take Redden.

Also, I think Drury has a FULL no movement clause, which would have meant he would need to waive it to be traded, whereas we could move Gomez without permission.

Also, I think Gainey knew he was targeting Gionta and Cammalleri, and therefore wanted Gomez.

And finally, I think Gomez has so-much-more of an upside than Chris Drury. Gomez makes the players around him better (in theory) whereas Drury's goal scoring abilities depend on the people around him.

I would have rathered seen Drury moved, honestly. He didn't come across like he gave too much of a shit, either.

Higgins grew up 15 minutes away from me, and he's totally adorable, and quite the workhorse, so I'm loving that, though.

Shan said...

Hope you had a nice Canada Day.

kels said...

Thanks, Shan. You too!

Kerri: No you are right on Drury. And the common concensus on Montreal radio today was that Gomez was the much better player and that Drury was an "overpaid" lockeroom guy. I agree. I have always agreed.

I think neither Drury or Gomez often looked like they cared what they did which was the problem. I wonder what will really change next year. Too soon to tell.

As for Habs, they are either going to be the best line of short fast guys or the worst - Mike, Brian, and Scott. And I'm 50-50 on which it will be.

I like Higgins, too. Glad he was the one coming back.