Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Radio Ramblings: The Debate of Sweet Caroline

There was a wonderful surprise waiting for us fans in the 1:00pm hour of the Team990. PJ Stock made a surprise appearance on the show bareing his name, after 2 months of staying in hotels and working on the CBC for the playoffs.

As thrilled I was PJ was back, I was even more thrilled when it became a vintage PJ day. Vintage how? In that another one of the days that you'd never be able to get away with on radio in the States. =) And I loved it!

The debate of the day, literally, was whether it was proper to, when singing along to Sweet Caroline, sing "Sweet Caroline - bom, bom, bom" or "Sweet Caroline - Oh, Oh, Oh."

The rest of the Team990 gang felt it was definitely of the "bom, bom, bom" variety and that PJ had obviously been going to the wrong type of weddings.

Andie was the only Team990 member to agree with PJ. They others said it was only because she missed him.

They went to the phones and 3 of the first callers immediately sided against PJ.

Not to be outdone - is he ever? - PJ continued, on and and off for the next hour and twenty minutes, to have them play, pause, stop, re-play "Sweet Caroline" and sing along.

He even asked Vinny Lecavalier's brother, an agent and guest on the show, his opinion. Phil agreed with PJ.

On the Sweet Caroline debate:

"Are you going to give this up?"

PJ: "Not until I get everyone in Montreal to change it to oh, oh oh!"


Thatta boy PJ.

Other highlights included some of PJs assessment of the playoffs:

*In the "hat-trick game" Ovechkin's goals were "sexier" than Crosbys.

*Chelios got a very nice send-off after warmups during the Finals in Detroit/Chelios was one of PJs favorite players growing up (I will not hold this against him).

*He didn't agree with the Crosby not shaking hands of all Detroit but said from his pearch in the arena he saw he was being overwhelmed from all angles. He said if he were Crosby he would have gone over to the bench to say his remarks. And that there is "not a more classy guy in the game than Lidstrom. I would have gone over to him." He hopes there would be a text message or a phone call later to apologize, even if it was circumstances.

Plenty more but I can't even do justice to today's show.

Again, I love it.

As PJ would say:



Anonymous said...

Kels, forgive me for being a complete ignoramus here, but who exactly is PJ and what kind of show is this? Sounds like something I would really like.

As for the 'Sweet Caroline' debate, I would have to agree with him and go with the 'oh oh oh' instead of 'bom bom bom'. 'Oh oh oh' goes with actually singing the words of the song, and 'bom bom bom' is the kind of thing you say to hum along when you really don't know the words. Eh, that's just my take on it. :)

kels said...


Not a problem at all! There's probably no way you would have known considering the time frame he played.

PJ Stock is a former hockey player (and one-time Ranger) who retired due to eye injury and now hosts a sports talk show in his native Montreal. - You can listen to the station online.

And PJ would love you for agreeing with him! =)