Thursday, June 25, 2009

Anxiety and Anticipation on Eve of Draft. . .

Hello all. Before I get to the real focus of this blog, I must apologize for going slightly awol here in the last week. Plenty of rumors and news, but not enough time. And, somewhat shamefully, it seems that it is just - at present time - so much easier to Twitter the little updates as they happen, and save the bigger stuff, or the stuff I need more space to comment upon, for the blog. So as long as I seemingly am so busy in my real life (ie: work), take a peek at NHTProductions for some more current updates.

That being established, a much belated BIG-HUGE-PARAMOUNT Congratulations to Brian Leetch, my all-time favorite hockey player. I couldn't be happier for such an amazing class act as Brian getting such a well deserved honor as to be called to the Hockey Hall of Fame. Truly thrilled. In the coming week, I'll try to get a little Brian tribute up here, but for now, just know, this made my day, week, month, perhaps year. #2 Forever.

And now, we move on to thoughts of this year's NHL Entry Draft. For those of you that have followed this blog for a year (goodness help you ;) ), you know that last year was the 1st year I was able to watch the NHL Draft live on TV. For most of you, it was the 2nd year you were able to have such a pleasure in the States, but for me, I was out of state in 2007 and could not. Therefore, Draft Day 2008 became a right of passage and an experience I thoroughly enjoyed.

Thus, I have been looking forward to June 26th, for the opportunity to get to watch this year's draft, with such anticipation. For me, it's fun to get to see the future of young athletes begin, the thrilling drama of unexpected trades, and the overall glory of the event. And in Montreal, it should be extra special.

That being said, unlike last year, I am faced with a sense of extreme anxiety about the events of tomorrow, I won't lie to you.

Usually it is Free Agent Frenzy Day, or my personal term: Tums and Tylenol Day, that makes me anxious and nervous, and popping the medicinals mentioned above.

But this year, with all the utter uncertainty surrounding EVERY-freakin-THING, I've been having mini-heart flips here.

I mean will Montreal be able to pull off super move of the century and get Vincent Lecavalier to play for the Habs? Will Brian Burke meet his goal of moving up in the draft? And who, just who, will be the #1 pick? We know enough to know we don't even know that much!

It's madness, I tell you, madness.

Oh, but if that was all there was to worry about, I wouldn't be worried. I'd be in elated anticipation of all the cool things that may happen, the surprises of the day. And I'd enjoy the heck out of it.

Why can't I?

Perhaps I can. Perhaps.

But instead of that joy-ful carefree anxiety-less day of Draft watching last year, I have spent this week, and will surely spend tomorrow, in fear that Rangers management, namely Glen Sather, will pull off the move of the draft.

The BAD move of the draft, that is.

I am just getting it out there now. There's are my thoughts. Love 'em, hate 'em, believe them or not, but here they are.

I hope - hope, hope, hope, hope, hope - there is a chance that Glen Sather could get rid of one, one of the Rangers super-loaded, super-stupid salaries. You know, the Redden, the Gomez, the Drury. If he could I'd be thrilled.


Not at the expense of the few, very, very few, players I enjoy watching on this team.

Let me tell you, if there were no Hank, no Staal, and no Callahan, I'd have been a more miserable person this past year than any of you would have wanted to know. Believe me. So I don't want Glennie baby to think he's getting any brilliant ideas and go using his Fisher Price calculator and his General Managers for Dummies book, and get rid of one of my favorite players to fix one of his colossal mistakes.

If that happens - and come on folks, with the Rangers can you really count anything as beyond the realm of possibility - you will see a Tweet with 140 undefinable characters and you'll know what I'm thinking.

I'd like to be positive. Maybe tomorrow will go off wonderfully. The Rangers will do only smart things, not tip the boat more than necessary, and I can enjoy the event with my take-out dinner like I planned.

But, still, I will keep Tums and Tylenol close at hand - and even closer for next Wednesday - in anxiety and anticipation of things to come.

I mean, come on guys, this is Glen Sather we are talking about.

Yes, that Glen Sather. The "I think Wade Redden, Scott Gomez, and Chris Drury are worth that much" Glen Sather.

Honestly, I am really just hoping he doesn't trade away our 1st round Draft pick for a bag of Twizzlers.

Although...maybe we could get the bag of Twizzlers to play for LESS than $7 million and score some goals.

I'm just saying...

**Author's Note: I'll be without ready access to computer tomorrow, so updates might not come til the late afternoon, if any need be posted or reflected upon.

Enjoy Draft everyone!**

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