Monday, July 6, 2009

The Power Play on Sather. . .

Just a quick blog (I know! I know!) before I get to some more thoughts this week.

I'm driving home today and I'm listening to Rossi and Boomer on the Powerplay, XM204. And there was a list of bad free agency teams this season and the Rangers were #4.

The reasoning was hilarious though.

They (I'm saying they because I am actually not 100% sure who it was because I was in the car for so few minutes) said the hockey gods gave Sather a break for all his consistent stupidity. They gave him a break and they let Gainey do something stupid, so that Sather could get out of Gomez's contract.

He said, fans of the Rangers were like, yes, contract is gone, we are going to do it with youth.

And then bam, Sather gives $7.5 million a season right to Gaborik. And they were like, there he goes.

He likened it to Sather being like a drug addict. He tried to wait and he couldn't wait 24 hours with having $$ to spend. So he did.

And he said, fans of the Rangers, that is what they are stuck with. And he didn't mean Gaborik.

He meant Sather.


I'll give my take later, just had to share that.

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