Thursday, November 18, 2010

In Case You Missed It - Paul Bissonnette. . .

Presenting a new segment at Natural Hat Trick Productions. So many times, a day goes by and you're too busy to check updates on Twitter, the blogs, etc. (Goodness knows I've been, hence the regrettable lack of posts in either medium).

So...every day (or realistically every whenever-I'm-able-to) I'll post something cool that you may have missed. It may be one thing, or two, three on a rare occassion. But just random, fun things that you - may have missed.

To start, In Case You Missed It:

Paul Bissonette interview in the Vancouver Sun

Really fun look at the man behind PaulBizNasty or @BizNasty2Point0 - as he's known on Twitter. From my having watched the Coyotes quite a bit over the last few years, I feel like I certainly know him more than those who only know him from Twitter. But, after reading this interview, I feel like I know him even better. Seems like a really human, very relate-able, down to earth type guy. He's gained fans on Twitter because he's so likeable. Because he gets it. And he doesn't try to pretend. And I certainly respect that.

And, plus, you know, he's got personality. It's been said here - I like that in my hockey players.

Enjoy the man behind the name. You just may learn something.

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