Sunday, November 14, 2010

Five Things About the Rangers/Oilers....

Granted, please note, we know this was against the Oilers, but...

1) Gaborik! Gaborik! Gaborik! I know you've been gone seemingly forever, and I'm so glad you are back. But 3 goals! Yay for Gaby! Let's keep it going!

2) How much did I love Christensen going over to Gaborik when Gaborik scored and went into the side of the net (collective sigh/distress at MSG) and give him a hug. Amazing how much more comfortable a player Christensen is with Gaby in the lineup. Think about it.

3) How good was that Frolov, Christensen, Gaby line. I mean Gaby was Gaby, but Frolov looked like the season started, Christensen looked happy and included. It was a good thing - ney, a great thing - for the NYRs to have another line, save Dubinsky/Anisimov/Callahan scoring.

4) Can't be overlooked how important Boyle's secondary scoring has been. He's using his size and talent more. And he's confident. All of which makes for a threat. 8 goals on the year on November 14th. Who would have thought he'd have 8 goals all year. Cheers for Boyle!!

5) As long as no one gets hurt, I love the scrappy fisticuffs that went on in the tail-end of the game. Avery/Smid, Prust/Stortini, etc, etc. It's good. It's good to show a pulse. And, frankly, every once in a while it's good to just enjoy the spirit of a team fight, a team game. It may not have been good hockey, but it was entertaining!!


Luke said...

The most entertaining game I've seen in a long time :-)

Will be interesting to see how they follow it up tonight.


kels said...

I agree. It was very entertaining. Goals, team effort, the works.

And then, a letdown on Heritage Night. Not a bad game. But, seriously, how many more 5-3 opportunities or major powerplays are they going to waste. Disappointing. Because I think they could have had thisone.

Hope you've been well, Luke.