Monday, September 27, 2010

Help Me Out Here / Pre-Season Edition. . .

Alright, going to throw some stuff down here and see where we net out. I'm confused, Rangers fans. See if you can help me make sense of it all....

So, say our defense are among:
Del Zotto


And our centers are among:


And therefore our wingers are among:

Not. Really. Fine.

In the case of wingers, am I the only one not seeing how one of the above, except Boogaard, should not be every day player on the team?

I'm taking it Boogaard, despite the contract - (but, well, who agreed with that besides Glennie boy?) - will not play every night. A thought I've always had, but I could be wrong, of course. But when a guy like Prust can fight, and skate, and score more than a goal a year - to me, Boogaard is not needed versus every team.

Therefore, my question is when Drury comes back, and Boogaard needs to play because it's Philly...just who sits for him??

I starred the players I don't think will be sitting. That leaves Prospal, Prust, and Avery.

Take 'em one by one:

Prospal, even though older and perhaps more prone to injury, was the team's alternate captain last year and their second leading scorer. This guy was vital to the team moral and frankly to the score sheet. Unless he resorts to the one year great, next year not so great pattern he has been known for in the past, I don't see how you bench him.

Prust was one of my favorite players since he came to New York. Spunky, hard-working, a good team guy, and deeply underrated as a player. He was not just a fighter - he skated, played, and scored better than many during the final month of the season. Above all, he worked hard and exhibited an enthusiasm and work ethic too few Rangers have shown in the last decade, so I don't know what message it sends if you bench him.

Avery. What can you say about Avery. If Avery is Avery, true AVERY - electric, cunning, quick, and smart - he is as vital to this team as almost anyone. We've seen it since he came to New York. We saw it on Saturday versus New Jersey. If he's not that guy, yes, then he should be on the bench. But if he is THAT guy that Rangers fans embrace and need and want, I don't see how you bench someone with such heart.

So, Rangers fans, - just what the heck does this team do???

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