Sunday, September 26, 2010

Thoughts on Pre-Season Games 2 and 3. . .

How wonderful has it been having some hockey to watch? Two games, one weekend. I was a pretty happy hockey fan, I won't lie.

Some thoughts:

*Am I the only one VERY excited for every NJ/NY matchup, even beyond normal excitement, because I think Avery/Kovalchuk is going to be worth the price of admission every time. He may have a $100 million dollar contract, but something tells me that Ilya has not quite gotten over Playoffs 2007.

*I'm excited having watched these new players the last few games: Frolov and Stepan. And these returning players: Del Zotto, Anisimov, and Boyle, who looks much improved. (Gaborik and Staal are always on my excited to see them play list). Overall, I think having levels of competition for spots is playing into the Rangers favor. I like what I've seen. These guys look ready to play.

*Without repeating everything I wrote about two entries ago, let me just say this. The Rangers finally have that depth at center. They are going to be turning centers away. I know Drury hasn't been playing center. (Yes, I know, the $7 million penalty killer who is not even able to play his natural position...) But it seems a shame to me, even now, three games into camp, to send down another winger in favor of Drury. Did you see Frolov and Anisimov on the penalty kill today versus Detroit? I think he's a nice guy, but tell me the team REALLY needs him?

*Tell me that Roszival didn't suddenly jump to the most useful of the three horifically overpriced salaries the Rangers haven't gotten rid of yet? (Au revoir Scotty Gomez and Bon Voyage Wade Redden). This may seem wrong and it may be wrong, but if Rozsival plays the way he did for half of last season - he is more useful to the team, even at $5 million, than Drury, if what he did last year is what we are to expect from him. Clean slate, notwithstanding.

Okay, before I get further into the bash-Captain Mumbles mode, I'll leave off. Not a bad guy, but now that Gomez AND Redden are gone, without a doubt, the guy that - to me - has to do the most to justify his being there. (There, I said it; don't hate me.)

More later in the week. Go Rangers! =)

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