Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Thoughts on the Eve of Tums & Tylenol Day. . .

Dubbed three years ago by yours truly as Tums & Tylenol Day (seriously, they should be sponsors, no?), Free Agency Day is a day of much excitement for many, yet for many Rangers fans, much dread as well. Why you ask? Look no further than the Gomez/Drury, Redden/Rozsival tandems that have worked oh so well in the recent past...


Alright...this will be short and making no guarantees of sweet. ;)

Tomorrow can be happy, successful if:

NYRs don't trade away any of the guys that have been good to them, good for

NYRs sign a backup goalie. I was fine with Auld. Have always had high
respect for Hedberg. Big fan of Biron too.

NYRs don't follow past Sather patterns and trade anyone - good, bad, or
indifferent - in order to, or sign anyone in general, that offers a cap hit
of significant proportions or a term of more than a couple/few years.

NYRs sign a center that does not go against any of the above. And it
wouldn't hurt if he could win a faceoff now and again. Oh and not make $7 million a year....

That's pretty much it. This team is not good enough to go for the world,
not bad enough to blow it all up. So even if they do nothing tomorrow...I'm
happy! To be honest...we all are.

So let's reiterate:

No big contracts people don't deserve.

No getting rid of our youth.

None of it!

And if Shelley, Prust, Christensen (a little confused w/actions today, I'll be honest) can be kept - go to it!

But most important is keeping Marc Staal, your BEST defenseman, happy, and, oh yeah, on the team!

That is all. Happy Tums & Tylenol day everyone! Enjoy the madness!

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