Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Charity Call-Out - PROCURE.CA Walk of Courage. . .

This month, in honor of Father's Day, just wanted to help get the word out about prostate cancer testing and early detection. Every male, age 40 and above, is encouraged to get screened for the disease. Prostate cancer is much more treatable the earlier it is detected.

Earlier today on The Randy Tieman Show (Team 990) he had former Montreal Canadien Robin Burns on to talk about PROCURE.CA, a Quebec based non-for-profit designed to raise awareness, support, and education for prostate cancer. According to Burns they've raised around $5 million in the last four years. He also pointed out it takes $1 million a year to keep one of their Biobanks (support network of hospitals, research facilities, and universities) running for a year.

Their 4th annual Walk of Courage will take place June 20, 2010, on Father's Day. The Montreal teams - Canadiens, Alouettes, and Impact - have helped support the non-for-profit and this year, former Canadien Yvan Cournoyer will act as co-president of the event.

Everyone is encouraged to join the walk, in honor of fathers, grandfathers, brothers, sons. To make a donation, register to walk, or learn more, please visit PROCURE.CA

For those living in the States, to find out more about screenings and prevention of prostate cancer, please visit The Prostate Cancer Foundation

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